April 24th, 2006

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i know some people have sad stories about authority figures and dreads, so i thought i'd share a happy one.

the head of the photo department at my school has been here forever. one day i was sitting waiting for class and he walked by. he talked to some people next to me and then turned to me and said, "i really like your dreads. if i still had hair, i would have them." i laughed and thanked him.

then at the senior thesis show last week, i had my hair up and a headscarf on, and i went up to ask him to be my advisor for thesis next semester. the first thing he said was, "what happened to your hair?" i told him i just had it tied up, and turned so he could see. and he said, "oh, good. i was going to say, if you cut it off, i might not be able to talk to you." i laughed and told him i didn't plan on doing that for over a year, at least. he launched into this story about the sixties when he had long hair and a long beard (which he still does, just not as much, haha) and ended it by saying, "so the point is, you should never cut your hair for anyone but yourself."

it made me smile for quite a while, it was nice to hear such things.


Good morning!

I'm a lurker in this community, I don't have dreads, but enjoy all of yours! I was just wondering, how many of you guys would be interested in buying headbands for your dreads? I'm thinking of setting up an E-bay shop, (which will also sell clothing and accessories I've made) but thought it could be a good idea to ask through here. I can do most colours / styles to order, if you let me know what you want. Is £3 + postage reasonable? (I'm in the UK.)

At the moment, I can offer the following colours / materials:

Black matt
Black shiny
Furry red
Furry zebra print
Blue camoflague
Black mesh (large holes)
Black mesh ( very small holes)
Fishnet - various colours

These are the materials I have bought in already. But if you want something specific, you can ask, and I'll do my best. For example, I can buy in stripey material - various colours including black and red, black and yellow, black and purple, black and green, black and blue. In that case, the band would be more expensive, as the material is more expensive.

A couple of examples of bands I've made for the very sexy libee:

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Let me know if you're interested, and if so Paypal isn't working for me at the moment - would cheques be okay? Any questions, ask through here, or drop me a line at lucifiction@hotmail.co.uk



ok did anyone else go thru a period of mass breakage with their dreads?
ive literally lost 5 or 6 dreads over the past 3 days or so...
around 10-12 over the last coupleof months...

im freaking the hell out!!

yes i DO bleach my dreads...
but the breakage is not at the "bleach line"...
its completely random...
but im sure could still have something to do with the process...

ive lost anywhere from a whole dread ( only an inch or 2 from the scalp)...
to a couple of inches of a dread...
to 3 inches of one...
and 5 1/2 inches of another...

seriously if this has happened to anyone else PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE gimme a bit of reassurance before i freak out just a little bit more and shave off 2 1/2 years of dready-goodness in fear of them all breaking off...
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synthetic vs human hair extentions...

synthetic hair vs. real human hair.

so, i am most definetly getting dreads this summer...

my friend says that in the summer his dreads are like little sponges, and make his head sweat like mad. this worries me. anyone? thoughts?

anyways, my hair is only 5-8 inches long, and i figure that once my hair is dreaded, i'll loose a good 2 or so inches [right?] i don't want my dreads to be short and spiky. i'd much rather them be longer and...amazon lady looking [i'm lame, i know].

onto my question: if i were to add extentions to my dreads, could i use synthetic hair? does human hair work better? is it much more expensive? i know that a bag of a fairly good amount of synthetic hair is about $3 [canadian], as i've had to buy it before for an art piece. but i'm not sure about human hair...

i found a link in the memories to THIS INCREDIBLY HELPFUL...THING. she used human hair. synthetic would probably be too plasticy, and i can't imagine it taking beeswax very good...

any feedback would be super.

have a nice day dreaded folks.

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Hi all, half gloating post half hair post.
Ive lost 40 pounds and have been taking comparison photos along the way. This is the begginning back photo vs. the most recent back photo. I was shocked not only by my butt (the before pic is a little embarressing to me) but also by my hair in the second one. Over two years now- I love how it looks.

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