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[30 Apr 2006|12:26pm]
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They're coming up on their 7-month mark!

I'm counting down the days until I can post in Naughty_KnottyCollapse )
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Trimming 4-year-old dreads [30 Apr 2006|01:23pm]
I woke up yesterday morning, washed my hair and started the drying process, which takes a couple hours even with a hair dryer... and just decided today was the day for a change.


Yup, I cut them. But that was the after shot! I've finally proved to myself that mature dreads can be trimmed and stay dreaded. Read more + picturesCollapse )
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[30 Apr 2006|04:20pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

things that make me happy.

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[30 Apr 2006|04:38pm]
dear kwebbel,
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it's finished!Collapse )
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uh oh [30 Apr 2006|05:02pm]
it is time.

many more picsCollapse )

for those who missed it, my last real post is here.

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[30 Apr 2006|06:18pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

2 years and 10 months.

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Only 2 more months and it'll be 3 years! I can't believe it sometimes.
...more pictures under the cut

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Enjoy! :D

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[30 Apr 2006|08:29pm]
a picture post! edit: i added more pictures to the cut.

one hour old:

they're a month old. ahna did them for me.

mmm sunshine
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Movement [30 Apr 2006|08:35pm]
Hey all. I posted a few questions this past week about the type of dreads i'm planning on trying to achieve. I used the drummer from Dope as an example to best explain what I wanted. I have another question and once again I'm using him.

I wanted to ask about movement. From what I experienced when I had dreads briefly, I noticed that they're pretty stiff and kinda stick up and don't move much. I'm aware that dreads are like this when you first backcomb them, but I wanted to ask if they ever get to a point where there's this much movement: (it's a video)


Watch Racci, the drummer, and his dreads and anyone who actually has dreads please tell me if that seems weird to you. His dreads swing drastically to and fro at even the slightest movement of his head. Do they eventually get like this, or is this just proof that his dreads are synthetic? I'm very curious about this. Thanks
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Dreadsies [30 Apr 2006|08:44pm]
My dreadlocks..day...not even a week


I kinda just started over again..

don't mind the make-up or anything
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[30 Apr 2006|09:19pm]
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very little progress, but i like it none the less.
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[30 Apr 2006|09:59pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Things are really goin great these days!! I think it has a lot to do with spring(my fav season) :P maybe not but oh well things are still pretty awsome. Dreads are 3 months and doin great! I dont think you can really see how well they are locking up in my pix (shity camera and my hair type) but they are sure shrinking like fucking crazy. I plan on dying them before this weekend kind of a burgendy purple color. What do you guys think ?

oh yeah just woundering if any1 is goin to BARTER FAIR in sandpoint,ID this weekend ?? There are always tons of dread heads at barter fair !! I'm sooo excited!! k i'm done
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just one [30 Apr 2006|10:50pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

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i wish theyd grow. :(

ps: i look totally stupid. argh.

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