May 1st, 2006

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So here's a question -

those of you with naturally *thick* *thick* hair - how to make absoutely sure that your dreads get dry enough to prevent mold and whatnot? I have terribly thick hair and that's the only thing I worry hair is hard enough to dry completely! lol.
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obsess much?

hey, what's up being obsessed with my best chums dreads. soon i will have my own to obsess over.

shit. on the weekend, i was in toronto. and i saw two absolutely wonderful heads of dreads.

one was on the head of a real nice professor at the art university i'll be attending next year. they were long and red. he was 50ish, so that was pretty snazzy.

the other, was on some guy on the streets head. i stared.

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they prety much look shitty here. i've crocheted them/bleached the roots two times for him since this photo was taken. they're glorious now.

have a lovely day everyone!

sincerely i remain,
<3 steff.
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so here's the deal:
I'm handicapped and I live on my own with some sort of system that when I ring a bell, someone from (a sort of) helpcenter comes over to help me with stuff. But this morning a chick came over to help me and she kept talking about my dreads.She'd already told me some other time that she didn'tlike them, but this time she started to really critisize them. According to her dreads look shabby, ugly and they're a waste of good hair. she said it with so much sadness you know!
I know all of you get to hear a lot of crap about the hairstyle, and me too. But because she has to take care of me and help me with stuff and I have to see her a lot...It kinda hurt my feelings!
It's crazy, I shouldn't be intimidated by her opninion and and and..I really like my dreads. I don't know why I feel this bad about it.
I had to let it out, thanks for listening/reading. This community is a support for me! My dreads are now 1,5 year old and there are many years to come:)
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Felting needle = better/easier than crochet hook?

Do any of you regularly use a felting needle for dread maintence or else have a specific reason why you don’t? I’d like to hear your opinions…

I saw an entry on felting colored wool into dreads a while ago (very cool), but this is different—it’s regularly using a felting needle on the dread itself as described in this article on dreadlock repair.

It sounds great—simple and straight-forward, similar to crocheting but without the effort of catching the loose hairs in the crochet hook. Just stab, stab, stab with the needle. But would using a felting needle for regular maintenence damage the hairs of the dread and result in eventual weakening and breakage?

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Technique: Using a Crochet Hook

In the comment thread of another post the topic of using a crochet hook on dreads came up, and some people were asking how to do it, because it's a little hard to imagine if you've never seen it done. It just so happens I set up a tripod and took some photos a few weeks ago when I did this last.

So, I present to you: a photo-entry of how I use a crochet hook to fix loose hairs! Please note: I use this technique on fairly mature dreads. Mature enough that they are pretty well-formed and have tightened significantly, as much as they are probably going to on their own. Baby dreads need some time to do their thing. It might be OK to use a hook just to pull loose hairs in through the root once, but I would not weave loose hair in entirely with young dreads, as using a hook on it too much up and down its length might cause it to form funny when it starts to tighten later. But anyway... Collapse )