May 6th, 2006

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I was talking to my friends about having the wierdest hair style, and she said having dreads, and shaving the middle of the scalp so itll be like..a bald spot in the middle and having a ring of dreads, them combing it over, yah, random conversation...i know
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somewhat like an echidna.

g'day lovely people.

I dreaded my hair yesterday, took about 9 hours with the help of my mum. I have really short hair, so I was very worried what would happen. Some bits at the back are unravelling, seems natural though with hair so short, but I'm going to let them do their thing and see what comes of it. I'm not sure when to take those rubberbands out at the ends, I sort of followed dreadheadhq's instructions, but I didn't go a great job of holding my (curly) ends together with the bands, so I might just take em out soon and deal with curly ends for a while. I'm also hoping those sections at the back will stop showing so much when my hair grows out. Bah, a little worried, but excited about the journey. :) Oh and no wax was used! The photos may seem shiny from the flash. Bandanas are my friend, without them I look like an echidna!


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the original attackmonkey

I am t3h slack.......

My dreads were 7 or 8 years old (I lost exact count a while ago) in February. Meant to post photos then, but I've been busy setting myself up a freelance bod and shaking my fists at the nhs.

Sooooo, here's some peeeektures.......

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i'm doing a research paper on dreadlocks at school. it's pretty cool because i'm learning so much about them. like the history of them, pretty much everything there is to know.. well everything the internet can provide. but one girl said she used honey to make her dreads. that's like.. wrong and gross right???


I have really thin hair, and I mean REALLY thin, but, i have like..tons of it, and so my dreads are very messy, and i mean extremely messy, and it makes my suffer, and my friend suggested wax, should I use it?
Plead the FIF!

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Still here. It's sad I'm a lurker now. I'll fix that right now. I took these with my camera phone so they look pretty shitty.

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Anyway, I got a new photo theme for everyone.

The new theme is: Playing Dress Up!

A lot of people make posts asking how to make their dreads look nice for a job interview or a prom. In that spirit, show pictures of yourself looking wearing your best fancy pants and rocking your dreads. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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quick question:
is there a reason someone would have to cut off their dreads when they became pregnant? i keep on hearing of people who did when they were pregnant, the way they say it is like they *had no choice*, but i always forget to ask why!

also, my dreads are one week old tomorrow! :D!!


Finding hats that fit over my head is challenging to say the least - I’m sure you knotty kids can relate!
I found this one at my university’s market day and decided that—in celebration of my locks’ 2nd birthday—I should buy my them a present for bringing me so much :D over the years.

What a two years it’s been!
Bonding over our beautiful dreadlocks lead me all the way from Australia to meet our very own gorgeous resident dreadfaerie, Soulhaus; and back on the home front, sparked the relationship I now have with the knotty hottie of my dreams.

And what celebration would be complete without sharing with you lovely folks some photos of my favourite knotty moments?

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I just wanted to post that i say these really nasty looking dreads at this show i went to tonight..

they were poorly done, werent even knotted pretty much just twisted and thats it, and the parts that were left alone were all greasy looking, i just felt like slapping the girl for not doing it right..bc they smelllledd >x-P