May 7th, 2006


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hello everyone, I've been lurking/on here for a while, but have yet to have a computer to post some pictues. so here some are. my dreads still aren't done, and the pictures dont show the ones i have completely well. some of my dreads were done weekend before easter, and i did one yesterday. it's been a slow process. most of my hair still isnt dreaded, but the ones i have i love more then anything.

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my best friend made one dread, right by her ear, yesterday.
shes so cute with it even though its only one. she just keeps playing with it and playing with it.
i helped her out and backcombed it for her. and shes been palmrolling it everytime i look at her.
i dont know if shes got the balls to go for a whole head, but she seems to love this one.

A question


I bleached my dreads last week, because I felt like it. The top is really yellow, the rest is more orangey. The orange is good, but I don't like the yellow. I read in the memories that you can use something called toner to get rid of it. I am contemplating doing that, but... How would it affect the lower part of my hair, which isn't really bleached that well? Would it look awkward afterwards?