May 9th, 2006

question not in memories

hello, hello!
i have a ? about loops. i checked the memories section and was assured that the loops occuring near the roots of my dreads are normal and a sign they are tightening. I only have 12 dreads right now (mostly top and sides as the back was too short when I did them...weeeee the back is just about long enough finally to finish)...anywhoozle, I have had them since the end of just over three months....
Will removing beads from the dreads that are looping help them absorb quicker? I didn't see beads in particular addressed in the loop section and I know that movement helps dreads and thought that maybe I should take the beads out of those dreads. I dont mind the loops, really, but was just curious.

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Hello again. I've only posted once or twice, I brushed out my dreads as I thought my hair was too short for them. This is my hair at the moment, it's curly so it looks shorter than it is. It's layered and the longest part goes past my shoulders.
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I really wanted to do my dreadlocks again, but I'm too scared that my hair is too short. Any advise on how to make hair grow??

Thanks :)
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Here's a photo as promised, it's the most recent.
My dreads are a little over two weeks old now. You can see my super dready - she's camps out on my collar bone.
They've been locking up really really tight, I've washed em a few times and bleached/dyed them with nothing but positive results. They're happy, healthy and I love them. They're well on their way to being AWESOME.
You can't see it in this photo, but I've got bihawks. And dreaded hawks are the SHIT.
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Newbie with some questions

Hi there. I'm new to this community and 99.9% sure that I'll be getting dreads shortly. It's something I've been thinking about for a while and it feels right for who I am and where I am in my life right now. So I'm totally hanging to get them done, in fact I can't wait. I just have 2 questions I thought you might be able to help me with:

1) I've recently switched to being a no_poo girl, meaning I plan to only wash my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, no shampoo. Will it be OK for me to do this when I'm getting/when I have dreads, or is it important that I only use residue free shampoo?

2) Although I'm not worried about people judging me for having dreads (people judge me already, pffft) I do have a concern about what potential employers may think if they see someone with dreads turning up for an interview. At the moment I do volunteer work for a non-profit organisation and I have done so for a year, mainly working in the office handling all the admin but also doing part-time childcare at one of our orphanages. Nobody in our organisation would begrudge my dreads, in fact it'd probably be encouraged - problem is, I'm moving back to my hometown next week as I've run out of money (you can only live without a proper income for so long). I want to get a job, even if only for a few months, to save up some more money. My preferred occupation would be something in admin or a call centre, as that's where my experience lies and I did call centre work before I started volunteering full-time for our organisation. But I am concerned that, as slack and casual as call centre work can be, my prospective employers might immediately disregard me as soon as they see the dreads. I'm hoping my body of work and personality will help them to see past the hair, but as we all know, there are some people out there who just can't get past it. Has anybody ever been in this situation, and how did you handle it? Do you guys think I will honestly have a hard time getting a "conventional" job sporting the dreads look, or don't you think it will be that much of an issue? If it will be an issue, do you have any suggestions for other areas I might find work in where people will be a lot more open minded than people in an office situation might be?

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soo I thought i'd share some pictures of my dreads. And a thank you for those who reacted to my last post about..well, my last post :p next time I see that person, I'll tell her I don't like her talking bad about my personal things.

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so, anyone ever injure themselves or others with their locks?

i was resting my head on my boyfriend's shoulder last night, pulled away, and he screamed. i'd caught his industrial bar on a dread.

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I´m New

Hi folks...
I use to watch this site for quite some time and I´m keen on looking the fotos. I want to have dreads too. Some time ago I had some dreads but they were never finished so I had to give up my idea after three months. I´m going to show you some pictures of my hair.
I wanted to ask, whether I could have dreads now or if I should wait for another half a year so my hair could grow a bit more in length.
But I really want the dreads so badly that I simply can´t wait to get them done.

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