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no regrets~ [11 May 2006|12:50am]
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[11 May 2006|09:03am]
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i.......need a shower. that is all.
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Tea [11 May 2006|12:31pm]
has anyone ever used peppermint tea in thier dreads?
what are your views on it?

my friend suggested it..
lemme know!
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green tea [11 May 2006|05:21pm]
i just got my belly button pierced. haha i feel kinda ecstatic. dont ask me how that works... kind of ecstatic. hmm. 

this is before i iworked on my dreadies for prom. and that money has gone missing. mysteriously.
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[11 May 2006|05:24pm]

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[11 May 2006|07:06pm]

Today :

I've dyed my hair 4 years red. Almost everyone said I shouldn't bleach them because it would never work or it would be horrible because my hair could be damaged. Well it did work, it's not really blond, but I will try again later. My head is burning like hell and it hurts. But I like this color a lot.

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[11 May 2006|10:32pm]
Hi, im new here.
Some information about myself behind te cut, and pictures ofcourse.

let's start shall we?Collapse )

Have fun!
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