May 13th, 2006


ayyy guys.

well it's been awhile since i posted. they're almost half a year now, wooohooo.

all of you guys' dreads are looking beautifulll. i have some pictures; sorry for the nottt so good quality in most of them/all of them. all i have is a webcam. someday i'll get a digital camera, and then you can see how tight they're locking up. hah. :D

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Scanned the memories and there's no info.
Tea tree oil?
Discussion? How to use it, when and where, what it does for your dreads, warnings? etc.

Personally I spray it on, diluted, to prevent lice(and have done for years, before I had dreads) and for the smell, I totally love it.
Any hidden qualities I don't know about?

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Cider + dreads!!

my dreads are getting reeally long now and sometimes i find the end of one ends up in my pint!!! =) then i can flick cider at people or suck it out my dread mmm dread cider ;) i think i recall someone else sucking a cider-soaked dread tip of mine the other week haha i think a few too many pints had been drank then!

i'm not really that pale, blame my friends camera phone!
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