May 15th, 2006

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questions. questions. questions.

how long before getting dreads do you have to wait before you get natural hair dread extensions?

i know that you're supposed to wait until the dread is strong, and established on it's own, before adding extensions. how long would that be? i'm sure it really just depends on how well i take care of them...which would be super duper well, obviously.

my hair just touches my shoulders, and it has a lot of different lengths. i think the shortest one, excluding my fringe is about 6 inches. i really really really want to get dreads towards the end of the summer, but i don't want them to be too short.

i havent cut my hair in 278 days. so i'm beyond fucking sick of it. it really looks crappy. i've had short hair for the past three years, and i really just need a change. a new hair do'. one that represents me. i think dreads would be the perfect one.

i wouldnt want the type of extensions that look fake either. i'm all about that natural look, personally.

i have a big head, and short dreads will probably make me head and face look ridiculously huge.

i'm also worried that i'll have a bunch of empty [bald] spots on my head from the sectioning. i've heard alot of people here say that to section, you just need to take random chunks. but what about the space between the dreads? wouldn't there be a big empty spot? could you fill that spot in with a fake real dread?

i basically just want my hair to look thick.
would smaller dreads about the size of a pinky finger help this?

sorry, if these questions are stupid.
i'm just a curious lady.

a million thanks to whoever took the time to read this.

sincerely i remain,

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the night before last i took a very drunken shower at a friend's house. the friend failed to mention that the water pressure was high enough to blast me away, i woke up the next morning and most of my dreads were completely flattend. my sister told me that it's not fixable, but i think she's full of crap.



I've been looking everywhere for beads that I can put on my dreads, with no luck whatsoever. I am in the UK, and I've been trying all the little crafy stores and even a store that sells hundreds of beads didn't have ones with big holes in. I asked some dreadhead on the street where she gets hers and she just said she gets them everywhere when travelling...but I don't travel. What kind of shops do you guys find them in? (preferably not online ones because I have no method of paying online)

muchos luff x
hear no

updo of the day

inspired by a combination of revision procrastination (first of my finals is tomorrow. eep), a surprise heatwave and a new discovery of the joys of double knots, i've been playing with updos of late.

two of my experiments were posted in a comment here, and bodhi_tree made me decide to post today's effort.

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I will rule the world.

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Do you guys think that, with curly hair, it's better to straighten and then dread? My hair's mega curly, but it's about 4 1/2 inches long. If it's straightened, the dreads, I would think, would be longer, or at least look longer.

What do you guys think?

Aussie dreadheads?

Hey guys,

Thinking of starting a new community for Australian dreadheads and wanting to gauge how many of us there are here to begin with.

Comment if you are from Australia, and if you are interested in this idea please.
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shave it

I'm going to shave the half of my head! Shave shave shave!! or less than half my head. but shavinggg and i'm so excited:p time for a change!
any bad experiences?

First post

I've been a member her for some time no, but I haven't posted anny thing, so I feel it's about time I do.
By the way: My name is Guro Marie, I live and study in Bergen, Norway, but I am originally from outside of Oslo. This is my second sett of dreads, and they turned six months yesterday.

Her are some pictures:
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