May 16th, 2006


so, it's been awhile.

the dreads are still growing...but as i don't have my own computer hooked up again at home, no pics yet. coming soon though! i promise ^_^

quick question:
i dyed my hair 'natural' black just before's still pretty black, but has bits of brown in it, somehow it washed out a fair bit since i put in the dreads.

anyways, i'm kind of consiering bright, white, blonde.
but i don't want to kill the dread this possible to do without making dreads fall out?

any dread hairdying info would be helpful, thank you! much love babes, hope the summer days treating you all well ♥
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To be, or not to be... that is the question.

So, I need some advice!

I've had my dreads for a little over a year, and although most of them are hardened and staying put nicely, the left backside of my head is continuing to be a big pain in the ass. Although some of the hair is dreaded properly, there's a strip of hair that just WON'T stay together, no matter what I do. I'm guessing it's just not doable on my own... but here's my question:

Should I just backcomb the hell out of the hair and crochet them into other existing dreads? I've thought about backcombing like crazy and sewing them together tight, but I'm scared to venture into those waters! The hair that is dreaded is about 7inches long, but the "normal" hair is somewhat shorter because of breakage in the past :( They're pretty skinny dreads, some of them are skinnier than a pencil, but some of them are the width of a pinky finger.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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various dread pictures, and also a few random pictures of things i had to photograph. i saw the sun for the first time today in eight days- it hasn't stopped raining. so there are some pictures of that, too :)

hope all is well with everyone.

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