May 18th, 2006

6 months [PICTURE HEAVY]

Well, here we are... a few days past the 13th of the month. For me, that means my locks 'birthday' - I've had them for six months now, so I figured I should post a bit of an update.
Since the initial lock up, I haven't really messed with my dreads. I'm letting them do their own thing and watching what happens. I forgot about them for about a month and rediscovered them tonight (hence the photos!).

Most of their initial photos are on a different computer, so these will do for now. Sorry if I have posted some of these before...

Enjoy! And let me know what you think.

And maybe some drugs. Haha.

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I’m new to this community and I’m seeking some advice on my dread dilemma. I’m having a difficult time dreading my hair. It’s very thick, but it refuses to tangle or knot on it’s own. I don’t wash my hair often and when I do, I use a vegan, residue-free shampoo. I haven’t brushed my hair in years but it constantly comes back to perfect form. I dreaded my hair about five months ago (back combed &palm rolled) but they got way too large and uneven. I cut them off and now my hair is growing back out. I want to give it another shot once my hair gets a little longer. Does anyone have any tips on how to get fairly even, small dreads with my type of hair?

I’m sorry if someone has to repeat this information for me, I looked in the memories and there wasn’t a lot that I found useful for my situation.


Another dreadhead

Okay so here goes again, i posted yesterday but was in a rush so i posted HUGE pictures and forgot to use a cut, silly ol me, but its sorted now. The other day me and 3 other friends dreaded my friend Victoria's hair. She wanted skinny dreads so she has between 40 and 50 which is kerazeeee!!! but i think they look so awesome :) so yay for another dreadhead.

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so yay for happy hair! :D x

And now a post about my dreddies :)

I was in a posty here ya go, some not so flattering, kinda frizzy/messy pics of my dreads. The best kind :P They are almost a month old, have washed them once, and they are all getting quite tight except the ends and i have quite a bit of loose hair. But heyho, it'll do its own thing at some point or another :)

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anyway...i have an exam now, loading pics calmed me :) wish me luck, i think i need it! xxx


I found a website called .. and i LOVE what they do. I was thinking about getting dreads and then dread extensions from that orginization, anyone ever heard of it/used it? also,...where might i acquire hair for dreads, like..where do they sell it, because the place i want to get it done says that you need to provide the hair and they'll put it in. so.. any advice?


[edit]-after further consideration, i've seen much better dreads than what this chick can i'm not going to her. plus her prices are up the wazoo.
giraffe girl


just out of curiosity...has anyone tried to comb/brush out dreads that are 2+ years old?
i would think that it would be super difficult..maybe depending on the hair type? maybe?

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dread lock b-day

tomarrow my 82 dreads are going to be celebrating their 6 month birthday...i didn't even realise it till a moment ago.. it feels like i've had them for so much longer.
they're locking up quite well. the only problem areas are the tips which are slowly starting to lock up, and some loopy loops, which i wrap in multi-colored thread and have been tightening up by the time the tread wears off.
a bunch of pictures: a timeline
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