May 21st, 2006



In light of summer camp, a music festival in IL I'll be attending next weekend, Amy and I felt inspired to make patchwork shorts, since I lacked a pair and she could use another. We went to good will, and I ended up making both pairs, Amy's turned out really nice, mine are somewhat obnoxious. Anyways, we had a hard time with my sewing machine at first, the needle broke and we ended up making a ton of trips to random places today... as a result, at the end of the day I now have a single dread in my hair, I like it ;]

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fucking hawt

Mina's brand new dreadies (by soulhaus)

Well I got tired of waiting for my hair to grow out. I took a measurement and saw that it measured out to 6 - 7 inch layers throughout most of the hair and figured, heck, if some folks start at 3 - 4 inches, why the freak not?

Mad props to soulhaus who drove up from southern California to San Jose on instant notice to spend six long hours dreading my hair (and in the process finding herself helping to keep my very energetic seven year old daughter entertained). My Bindle spent some time on her little butterly guitar serenading us with her special on the fly dread ditties. I look pretty punk rock at the moment, but these babies feel tight and I'm feeling very happy to begin the journey!
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the FIRST dread!

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