May 22nd, 2006


Dear lish

I seem to remember you saying something about having a nifty new interesting way to dread up short(er) hair. And i seem to recall you wanting vict...err.. people to try it out on. ;) and to get to the point, i think my hair is getting to about that length where it'd be possible to backcomb it, but i thought i'd see if all my recalling was correct.

So if i'm making any sense, and you have an idea what i'm talking about, please respond. cause i'd like to try it out if at all possible. this hair in my eyes is no fun, particularly at work.

Dreadfully thankful,

PS: if it's in the memories already, i'll delete this post after i check. :$

pps: i found this one: but i think what i have in mind, you posted after this, and in someone's comments...

I'm probally just talking out me arse...
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well, the my story is full of confusion.
i cannot find anywhere to go, any alternative type salons, to get dreaded. i'm willing to do it "naturally" or by dread perm. i'm a little worried about my hair style. i have a medium length a-line.

here are a bunch of pictures, and me being frustrated.

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i'd like to have a few opinions

i'm going to get dreads soon. my hair is naturally medium-dark blonde depending on how much sun i get. i'm considering having light blonde dreads or fuschia dreads. i've had fuschia hair before and it looks nice. i was wondering if which one you guys prefer. i know i want fuschia but i'm chickening out because i'm concerned over people treating me differently because that happened before when i had strange hair colors and also fuschia can be a little harder to maintain. which one do you prefer?

also, my bangs are growing out, there almost to the tip of my nose. should i wait until they grow a little more so my dreadlocks will look great right away, or just start now and have them grow out?

first post.

I've been lurking on here for a month or two now and finally decided to post. My name is Roberta, I just turned 15 about a month ago, from Long Island.. but that's not really important. I'm in a great mood today, my mom made snickerdoodles for the first time in about two years. Hah. I'm sorry if I messed up the LJ cut.. I'm new to the "new rich text" mode thing. If I did mess it up, and if somebody could tell me how to do it right, that would be superb. :D

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And, one more thing.. I actually have super frizzy, super curly hair. I use the Maxi Glide hair straightner, and it works like a charm.. the only problem is, when my hair gets wet, it poofs up. And I don't mean it just gets fluffy.. I'm talking afro-ish. Do you think I should get my bangs chemically straightened? My hair is already horribly damaged already because I first I had red hair, than I bleached it, dyed it blue, and than used a toner. I want to be able to go in the ocean water because I know it's good for my dreads, but I am afraid of looking like a crazy borderline albino chick with a blue afro while on the beach. Sorry for the extremely long post, and sorry if I didn't make much sense, I'm really tired. Thanks.
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