May 24th, 2006


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have you ever backcombed your own hair? how did that work for you? (when i say "your own" i mean without the help of a friend).
i went to a locktician to get my hair locked but no matter how much maintenence that i did to it, it always unwravelled after a week. then i just kind of ran out of money, so i'm not doing that anymore. i wore a fro for a year until my hair grew a little longer, and now i feel like i should try again. but i don't have any friends or anything that know how, and i'm a (soon-to-be) poor college student, so i want to do it on my own. any advice?

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seven months since i've had dreadlocks.

six months since i've used any wax.

two months since i've ever worked on them hardcore.

one month since i dipped my dreads in the ocean for the first time.

eight days until i frequent the xavier rudd concert and meet up with my dready friend emma.

nine days until i venture to south carolina, and they spend much more time in the saltwater and sun.

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