May 25th, 2006

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head wrappings

I just dreaded my hair. Day One:
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I am wondering now about how to wear it. I know there is a post in the archives with links about wrapping a turban, but I don’t want them completely covered. How do you wrap a dreadband? What are some other alternatives? I’m especially interested in things I can diy over products to buy, but if you know of a great product, I can probably figure out how to make it if I see it.

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(no subject)

Ok, for my second question of the day. I promise not to keep doing this.

How long can I go without washing my hair? Is there anyone who has experience with not washing it at all? If so, what kind of maintenance do you do? What are the community’s thoughts on not washing?
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My mom propositioned me with the following: "Take out your dreads and i'll pay for a tattoo in 3 weeks". At first I said "NO WAYYY".. But then we made a compromise..I can STILL get the tattoo if I take out all the matted, halfassed ones out of the backside of my head. She said that she'll let me re-do them if I let someone who knows what they're doing re-do them for me. I told her that I refused to go go a salon and she said that's fine, just a friend or something. All of my friends are completely irked out by the idea.

SO. Would anyone in the san antonio/austin TX area be interested in helping me re-do the backside of my hair? I'd be forever and ever in your debt.
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City wide garage sale has made me go through all the crap we have in our closets, My wedding dress is way too big! It used to be really tight in the upper bodice part- like, it was so tight that I had to wear a corset under and it was still lots of tugging to get the zipper up! (48 pounds lost!)
Dreads are two years and a few months old :)

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I'm on, and I started a topic in the forums about dreadlocks. I said "please don't post saying that dreads are "smelly, unhygienic etc" because I don't want narrow opinions."

Well if anyone here is on Gaia, you'll know there are a lot of ASSHOLES over there. Some guy said to me "so basically anyone with a different opinion than yours shouldn't post? Not much of a discussion then is it?"

Why is it so difficult to explain to people that those "opinions" are common misconceptions and AREN'T always true? Anyone can have smelly, gross hair without having dreadlocks.
True, I perhaps worded it the wrong way. I should have said misconceptions rather than narrow opinions..

I know this has probably been discussed many times before.. but people like that really piss me off and I just needed a place to rant with people who will understand.
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