May 26th, 2006


so, I dont have dreads yet and I've been a lurker here for a few months now, but hopefully this summer I'll be able to get dreads and finally be happy with my hair.

I just have an opinion question:

I dont have super long hair, and I dont want my dreads to shrink a whole lot, but my friend is going to be making my dreads for me and I want to make it as easy as possible for her. I've heard that rip and twist dreads shrink less than backcombed dreads, but it takes a really long time, whereas backcombed takes less time but shrinks more.

Basically what I'm asking is: What are the pros/cons to each method, and is the shrinkage significantly less in rip and twist to make it worth having my friend spend hours on?

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fuck yeah!
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LiBee The Dread Sage!

I was in a geek shop the other day and started chatting to the dreadlocked guy behind the counter. He had long dreads that were a nice shape with some wicked fatties in there too, but he had elastic bands at the roots and they all looked oiley and very greasy. We started talking about our dreads and I asked what maintenance he did. He had learnt about dreads from some older dredded guy who told him "Not to wash your hair ever, as conditioner loosens dreads" and "Put wax in EVERY week"


No wonder they looked so oiley. He had been doing this for two years! I told him that I washed once a week (without conditioner) and had only ever used salt water. My dreads are only about 8-9 months old but were soo much tighter than his. He was amazed at all this and started pumping me for more information.

I realised that I actually know *shitloads* about dreads and dread maintenance and have this community to thank for it. I am so lucky I learnt all I did through you guys and have excellent dreads because of it! *preens*
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Senior Dinner and Prom

I have stubby little dreads, so I was a bit at a loss when thinking up hairstyles for these two formal occasions. However, here's what I came up with! These pictures are from Senior Dinner. It's not particularely fancy, but getting my hair off the back of my neck somehow makes it look a million times more dressy. I think for prom I'll add some ribbon, and hopefully use brown instead of black bobbypins! The bobbypins are a bit hard to use, because they don't really fit around my dreads, so I kind of stabbed them through.

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I'll post pictures next week when I reach one month. I've been having the strangest dream (recurring) and wondered if anybody else experienced this. It's kind of like right after I had my son I kept dreaming that he was either taken when my back was turned or I lost him. Actually, I did lose him briefly when he was two at the Women's Expo in Minneapolis. Anyway, the dream I'm having now is that my dreads are falling out in clumps. Whole dreads as if I were losing my hair. Very weird.