May 27th, 2006

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Help! Oily scalp!

I just started my dreads yesterday (will post pics soon) and as I was working on them again today I thought of a question. I checked the memories but I didn't seem to find this in there, so here goes?

What do you guys do for greasy scalps? I know any good dreadlockee will take care of their scalp and take care to keep it clean, but as I just started my dreads yesterday I'm not keen to risk getting them wet until they're at least a few weeks old.

A few years ago I was told that if you have greasy hair and don't have time to wash it, sprinkling a bit of talcum powder on your scalp will absorb some of the excess oil. Of course, now we know that talc is bad for you and so I do not use it anymore (body or scalp), but I have found an organic cornstarch-based dusting powder which I use instead. I love this powder and it works (body and scalp!) but would you suggest I use it on my scalp now that I have dreads? I want to absorb some of the excess oil which might impede the locking process, but I have read a lot of things in this community about products building up inside dreads and hardening and going gunky and smelly, or actually preventing the dread from locking properly. Do you think this cornstarch-based powder is likely to do that, or can I keep using it sparingly?


My friend directed me to this community. I haven't been here long, but I love it. I don't have dreads now, BUT, on the 10th of June I have an appointment. I don't trust myself with my hair. :P I am really looking forward to it.

And for an idea of what they might look like, I have two pics.

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They won't be long, but I'm looking forward to growing them out. :)

Edit: Okay, so I'm a dolt. It just occured to me that my hair's wet and therefore you won't get a good idea of what my hair looks like. It's pretty thick.

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ok, so i've been reading through the GUDU posts for a while now, often thinking, wow, it's been longer since i've washed my dreads than a lot of these people have HAD dreads....

i honestly forget when the last time was, but my best guess puts it around march 9th,

so I hadn't washed my dreads in more than 2 and a half months. I also hadn't rinsed them or been swimming either.

This sort of happened by accident, as I used to wash them all the time, but things got crazy and I just didn't.

I was really impressed though, I didn't have any dandruff, they didn't smell at all, they weren't overly greasy, people would compliment me on how clean i kept them... it was nice.

buuuuuuut i just washed them and it felt GREAT.

here's a picture I took last night before they got washed:

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