May 30th, 2006

cut it

My dreads' sixth birthday is coming up. And I'm going to cut them. Maybe just a trim, maybe really short. I want to see pics of what's possible so I need your help.

I'm looking for pics of dread-cuts: A-lines, short pixie styles, stuff like that. With a fringe is perfect. Tight, mature dreads preferred.

I gotta tell ya, if I get them in my food while I'm trying to eat just one more time, they're gettin' the chop on the SPOT.

(no subject)

Hey folks

I'm going to be attempting to start dreads in my boy's hair, next week. We've experimented in the past, but it seems that he's just entirely too Chinese-haired for my dreading skills (I've made three sets, but they were all on white people with relatively textured/fried hair) to take on.

So ... any wise words on home-dreadperming? Or, really, anything that could help. My first set of locks was created by hairpolice perming method, but I'm wondering if perming before would be as effective? Possibly more?

Please and thanks :)