June 4th, 2006

new dread.

I made one dread in my hair this morning to start off with, to make sure I like it and to make sure I know what I'm doing before I leap in headfirst.

Here's a piccie:

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Excuse my puffy allerginess.

I really love my dread, and I'm looking forward to getting more. The only thing I'm worried about is all the little fuzzies on it, and tightness, I guess. I just backcombed and palmrolled it. Is there any way I can get it tighter and less fuzzy without using wax? And for all you veterans, does that look right to you?

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OH! One more way important question that I couldn't really find in the memories. What's the importance of using rubber bands? Should I be using them...for what...how, and so forth.

Thanks for your help, I'm really lost on a couple of points...


Today I met a guy with stubby cute lil dreads except he had bands on the roots AND tips, it looked so awful. And i asked why he had them there, and he said because his dreads were new. They looked SO tight from where i was sitting and he thought if he took them out they would fall apart. You could see it was really stopping the roots from knotting. Anyway i didn't know him so i didn't argue.

But...then later on I met a guy i haven't seen in a whole year and i noticed he had one dread. He doesn't brush his hair ever so he naturally had one. It was loverly and tight and gnarly. Then...he argued with me for ages about putting wax on them. He said "proper" dreads have beeswax on them and it cleans them so you don't need to wash your hair. I got so infuriated. Wax CANNOT clean your hair...how could it?! Then on closer inspection i realised, half embedded in the dread were about 5 rubber bands!!!...he said they were holding it together. It was SO SO tight it would never haven fallen apart!!! Anyway, then i felt it and he told me he had been putting hairspray on it!!! I couldn't believe my ears. He said all this then had the cheek to tell me that my dreads weren't "proper" because they are product free apart from shampoo and hair dye (on rare occasions) tsk!

Makes me so angry when people won't even take a small amount of time to listen to your ideas. It doesn't matter if they don't agree with you, just the fact that if they listen, you know they aren't just being stubborn.

Anyway, sorry i felt the need to have this rant here.

Muchos luff xxx
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new dreads

Hi.  I just joined this community, though I've been lurking for awhile.  (Great community, by the way.)  I had dreadlocks in college but had to get rid of them when the company I worked for changed hands and the new owners were discovered to have a very narrow concept of reality.  I've been at my new job for a little while and just found out   that I can have my hair back.  So I had the locks redone.  I'm on day four right at the moment and I think they're going to be almost as fantastic as they were the first time.

Here's a pic because I'm excited and want to show the world.

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sea gyspy

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more annoying questions ...

I've got sea salt
and I've got water
so I was thinking of mixing the two and spritzing them on my dreads.

-think this'll work for tightening the dreads?
or should I just get real sea water?

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Im not sure how many response's ill get on this one buttttttttttt...

I want my dreads a light blonde...and while i had them bleached and ended up dying them a dark brown...but its turned a grey/purple almost, i was very unpleased. hah.

Since then they have faded to an icky lookin grey/dirty blonde/dull colour.

I know recently there was a girl with blonde/redish hair and bangs in the front who wasnt pleased either with her dreads looking grey/dirty (couldnt find post)

Im wondering if anyone has tryed to dye over this swamp colour with a lighter colour, without bleach?

ahh im not sure what im asking...JUST HELP ME hahaa
hear no

bleach virgin

i freely admit that i'm hugely inexperienced with bleaching, fairly inexperienced with box dyes and entirely free of experiences involving semi-permanent dyes. but my degree is over, i haven't been able to make a box dye actually change my hair colour for more than one wash in months, and i thought i'd give it a go.

i blame delerium from the excessive heat. lots of pics under the cut.

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destroy everything

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Wax made my hair grow. No, I am not saying that any of you should go out and get this to make your hair grow. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE DREADING. I REPEAT, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.

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A member here said this in a comment and it's basically what probably happened to my hair...
It super conditioned my hair and kept it from breaking.
Although I have displayed the positive side of using this stuff, it certainly has negative effects on the hair, I'm sure. I just didn't experience any of these negative effects in the time span of a year. Another reason why I say stay away from this stuff.

&Thank you all for the comments. But I think I'll go back to just lurking.
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hello all! I finally finished my dreads 100% (more or less) today! I've been working on them since easter and I'm finally done. I also just got a new digital camera so some pictures are also here to accompany this lovely occassion.
Saw two gorgeous sets of dreads in kmart today which made me feel that much happier about finishing mine.
I'm working summer theater and we've been working with contact cement and blue foam, and I managed to get some contact cement in my front dread and there is blue foam everywhere, the stuff doesnt really like to come out. I wish I had a picture from when I had used the grinder on the foam, I was a smerf.

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