June 12th, 2006

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Baby Dreads

just finished up my dreads last night. wow they feel awesome=] There are 56 and i love each and every one of them..lol...I didn't use any wax or anything;] Just a comb and love hehe.

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I've read the memories on dyed_hair which gave me more insight.. but I still have some dreadlock-specific questions about going blonde if I already have dark dyes in my hair. I also read this post but it didn't really give me the answers I wanted.

So, I have dyed my hair a variety of dark browns/reds for the past 2 or 3 years. Not that often, only maybe about 10 times in total (maybe not even that many, that seems like a lot). The last time it was dyed was a few weeks before I dreaded my hair, which was about 4 months ago. I dyed them a sort of dark brownish-black.
Dark dyes never seem to stay in my hair for that long, and now my hair is kind of medium brown with red bits.

Anyway, I really want to go blonde in the next few weeks. I know it's a good idea to have a few sessions of bleaching with 20vol developer, but my question is.. should I use a colour remover first? I'm not sure if it would really work on dreads, but I don't really want to spend a lot of money on loads of bleach if I might only need to bleach it a few times. Plus I don't want to damage my hair too much.

So, anyone with any experience on this? Any advice as to what I should do?

This is a slightly better picture of my hair than the pics I posted yesterday..

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i bleached my hair

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it probably looked better before, but the brown was driving me crazy. i NEEDED a change! 
i only bleached once, then my friend whos taking cosmo toned it for me. if you think its yellow now, you should have seen it before :) haha. im going to wait a little while and bleach again, maybe wait till the roots are growing in. or maybe ill just dye them all pink haha.

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i believe i'm suffering from a wee bit of dreadlock withdrawal.
it's been over 2 months now & i still get excited every time i see a dreadlocked person.

though i had my reasons to cut my locks, i'm pretty sure i'll have my second set within the next 5 years :)
their convenience, comfyness & overall excellence are just too tempting to resist!

anyone else who has any post-dread stuff to share? :D

ps: apologies for the text-only post.
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