June 15th, 2006


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So heres the deal:

I've wanted dreads for as long as I can remember and now more then ever the itch to get them is crazily intense. My hair is approximatly up to my butt, or a little shorter, when straightened (photos included), and it has just become a hassle to brush it after showering. I dye it often and I haven't gotten it cut in over 3 years, (no trims either) so it is extremly dead and damaged. This is simply for the fact that I knew I was getting dreads and wanted to have them as long as possible. Now the thing is, I am going to Thailand/India for about a year starting in September, and in Thailand the getting of the dreads is VERY cheap. I know that having them for my trip will save me lots of money in the long run because I go through a Costco size bottle of conditioner almost every 2 or 2 and a half weeks merely so I could brush my hair. BUT...I can't wait until September. So I have a question: Does anyone know where in the A) Northern New Jersey or B) San Fransisco area, I could get them done proffesionaly for a reasonable price? And just for my own sake...by about how much will the length of my hair shorten after I get them done?

Hope you can help!!

Do life.

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dead dreads graveyard

i had a dream last night after reading that some people wanted the dread of a person who was cutting them off. I was going to get my dreadlocks fixed at a dreadlock salon on the beach. Behind it was a dreadlock graveyard. on top of mounds of sand laid the dreadlocks of people who cut them off. there were hundreds of different legnths and colors. They people who owned the salon made cutting dreads a celebration. Just as exciting and fun as getting them was. they also had famous dead people who had dreads including Bob Marley. even if it was only a dream, it was awesome to see his dreads.
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Hey, GUDU kids.

Have you guys ever been discriminated against for internships because of your dreads? My parents are a little concerned about my future summer (read: internships and research opportunities) earning potential, and I don't think it's that big of a deal--I can explain it's a spiritual thing or something--and they shouldn't be allowed to discriminate against me for that, but.

Is my life going to suck? :(

Edit: Yes, I've read the memories, but I'm talking specifically about college jobs. Usually kids who look a little different aren't going to be completely given the no, right?

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i was really really wanting to get dreads this summer. but i made madrigals (a highly prestigious renaissaince singing group at my school) my senior year. the director says that "dreads are a dirty look, something that screams drug abuse, and madrigals absolutley AREN'T to present that image". i can kind of see his point of view: the places the madrigals perform are very classy, rich snobby people's functions. and what the hell, i've tried out every year and finally made it, so i  want to be in on it.

 but what i'm wondering is, is there some sort of "loose dreads" look i can get? i don't know if anyone watched that S club 7 show a few years ago, but i was a stupid preteen and loved it. there was a blonde chick, i think her name was hannah or something, and she had hair kind of like that. i already have these matted clumps on the bottom layer in the back of my head. i really like those, actually..so yeah, are loose dreads an option? how do you do them? are they easier to take out or anything? sorry, i really don't know how to phrase my questions..its been a long day
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wouldn't you know it

i was just thinking of raur - does anyone know her? - & decided to check her iam page, only to find this:

   2006/04/02 18:46

                             No more dreads :)

   Today I cut my dreads of after having them for 5 years. And I
   acctually feels really good! :)

damnit. i'd like to email her & ask for one (if she saved them & isn't freaked out by the request), but i can't find an email address on her website & i haven't had iam access in years. could one of you ESL chickies help me translate her page enough to contact her? or, again, if anyone knows her, that'd probably be a better way to go. :)