June 17th, 2006


Dunkin Donuts

Sorry for the text only, but I have no new pictures and I had to share!

I lost my job at the restaurant where I used to work after I dreaded my hair. I ended up with a job at dunkin donuts, making the same money and working half as much. Sweet, right?

But that's not the best part. All day long old people tell me they love my dreads. I'm not kidding. At least 5 times a day someone makes a positive statement, or asks a kindly curious question about them, and it's always an old person. I don't mean my parents age...I mean 65, 70, barely standing. Cute things too, from "If I had enough hair I would do my hair like yours!" to "My grandson would just love your hair!".

So yea, again, sorry for the text only, but I'm really, really busy this summer, and this is the first time I've checked lj in almost a week.

Love you all!!!

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my friend aidan (xwolf_dreamerx) wanted me to dread her hair as soon as prom was over (end of april). i'd never done it before, so i didn't know what i was getting into. i started backcombing on sunday, finished the next saturday, and it took a grand total of about 9 hours. i was totally confident doing her hair based on what i've read in this community, woohoo! she wanted them thin, and i think i sectioned them pretty evenly (although i had to keep re-sectioning since it took a couple days). no wax used. i only broke one tooth on the plastic comb. it was kinda fun, but my fingers became raw and some tendons in my arms were sore. so, here are some pictures!

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and here are some recent ones of my dreads, including a few experiments. 

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i'm really lovin' my dreads. they make me happy.

i've been having a recurring dream in which i have normal hair and i'm trying to find someone to help me dread it again (each time it's a different person). it's so weird, and oddly scary. and then i wake up and think my dreads are really gone and there's a moment where my heart races really fast.

introduction and two questions


i just found/joined this community, and i have had dreads for 8 months now! oh, how the time has flown. i was lucky enough to have a dreaded friend who was willing to spend 12 hours making mine, and she did a great job. they have locked up so much, especially the ones in the back of my head. i love my dreads and cannot wait until they get longer/tighter/yummier.

my question is this: is it safe to tie your dreads back into a ponytail when they are still forming? although i've had mine for 8 months now, some are still very loose and delicate. many have been unraveling from the tips. but i NEVER wear my hear down, mostly because i have grown them from a shaved head and they are uneven lengths and don't look very good down (don't get me wrong, some people look good with hair like this but for some reason i don't! i'm waiting for the shortest ones to be about down to my chin). for the first 4 or 5 months, i was wearing a bandanna over them, which i found helped the dreads in the back because i was constantly playing with them and rolling them, but flattened out and loosened the ones on the top and on the sides that were covered. then when they got long enough to pull back i started doing that every day, and i'm wondering if that will have a negative effect after a while, since they are still kind of new.

also, i have tried DESPERATELY to dread up the section of my hair at the nape of my neck that was too short to dread before. i have lost contact with the girl who did them for me, so i would feel uncomfortable just calling her up to ask her to work on my hair. i have tried on two separate occasions based on what she did and told me and what i have read on dreadheadhq.com, and both times they just fell out after a couple weeks. basically the technique i used was just to pull on the section while rapidly back combing in short motions, pushing the knots toward my scalp as i backcombed and then working in some wax. the roots of the dreads felt very solid and were the last to fall out, but the rest just fell out right away. i also have the same problem with trying to dread the tips of my locks- i create really dense knots by palm rolling then apply wax, but they never stay. perhaps i am just not doing it long enough. i don't know...i read the memories but couldn't find anything that helped.

sorry this was so long, but thanks in advance!



Is there anyone in or near Spokane, WA that can help me out with starting a new set of dreads soon? I'd rather get them done by a dread head that knows their stuff than a jack of all trades stylist/salon that doesn't have much experience with them. I'm willing to travel a bit if that's what it takes.


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hello all!! I havent posted in a long time i guess.. I just got my camera back so woo hoo I found some pix and took a couple :P

my dreads are 4 1/4 mo. well on the the 21 first they will be 5mo.
Its gone by really fast. They are lockin up really good i am just lettin them do their thing. yup i love them lots.

Its kinda weird but ever since I dreaded my hair I have been seein soo many dreadheads ...its freakin crazy, like I dont remeber seein but maybe 1 person that had dreads before I got mine...CRAZY
anywho here are the pix :D
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