June 18th, 2006

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Nothing like a Sunday morning to spark self-absorbed interest. I took some pictures because I was interested to see how they looked, so I suppose I'll share those with you my fellow comb rejecters.
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You came in with the breeze....

Yo ho hello there fellow dreaded ones,
Thought I'ld give alitte dread update. I've cut my fringe STUPIDLY SHORT and shaved a headband. They are being all fluffy with loose hairs right now but I don't care I just let them do their thing. I think they are about 1 year and 4months old now but they did start out less than 1inch long as I attached my old ones to my short hair.
Take care pickles

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tomorrow =)

tommorow i'm taking the jump and finally getting the dreads i've wanted for years after leaving my compulsary education.

for some reason, i have such bad nerves. i'm not sure whether i'm looking forwards to it or not. my hair is so damaged, and right now i'm just worrying about them falling out, or me being forced to cut them off when i return to education in september. or that i won't like them that much (although i just put that down to the irreversibility of the descision, nerves. i know i'll love them in the end). i think all my friends expect my dreads to be perfectly formed the day i get them too, but that's just slightly funny.

did anyone else have last minute nerves? i just need to be calmed down, and having watched this community for so long, i know you're the guys to turn to. oh, and pictures tomorrow, maybe, hopefully.
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