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hello hello [19 Jun 2006|01:24am]
i have learned that pulling off the dreads in the real world is easier then i thought. i work in a restaurant in downtown San Diego called Anthony's Fish Grotto. i didnt think they would be ok with me doing it but they love me and said to just keep clean(they think its dirty or something like most silly people) i have had my dreads for about 8 months i believe, im really bad at the upkeep so my dreads are a bit fun i would say, most are curly at the end and i love it! they are starting to come along really well.
before =)

on with it
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Heya guys [19 Jun 2006|10:03am]
Just a newcomer here...

DJ, broke ass student, anime lover, nature waterfall cliff jumping fool with love for both worlds betwen city and nature.

Pics <--- A stupid pic of me here

Another crazy pic on this link here MEMEMEME

Some art I do

Believe it or not, I'm an aboriginal look here 

My first time I got dreads about 3 years ago ( and a lil more buddha heh)

And I seem to be always around dread head... my new friend I just met and got close to is one
My best friend is crazy 
And one of my lovers

Anyways yeah...this community looks awesome, gonna be fun checking up on live journal here now,peace and love peeps, nice to meet everyone.

If anyone loves summer festivals, message me...I am willing to go to Burning Man, Technoval, and Eclipse with anyone cause I love hitching and woofing...

also if anyone is trully intersted, they can check out my music site here
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Help! My hair is soft! [19 Jun 2006|10:52am]
Ack! I sectioned half of my hair last night and washed it this morning. Well, the problem is that I have maybe only 7 ponytails set up, and they're all very tiny and very soft. Today I used a shampoo that was said it removed residue from the hair, so I assumed that that was a good thing.
I just spent the last 1/2 hour trying to dread a ponytail that fell out no matter what. Should I wash my hair again with some other shampoo? Should I soak it in saltwater? The saltwater doesn't seem to be helping me much.
P.S: The side of my head that isn't sectioned dreads very easily if I just grab a chunk and go at it. Should I get rid of the sections...?
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[19 Jun 2006|01:48pm]

just to make any interested parties aware -

i will be in san francisco this weekend and have timeslots available on saturday for installation, maintenence, dying, etc.

basically, if you need it done to your locks, i can do it (and do it well)

blondiedread at gmail dot com if you'd like to book an appointment.
cheers ;)

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wow! [19 Jun 2006|02:11pm]
82,29 КБ

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[19 Jun 2006|04:19pm]
The last time I did my dreads, it was 4 months ago, and this woman helped me, but she didn't know what she was doing. They were all uneven and some were too small for my likings, etc etc. But I was wondering if anyone around me would be willing to help me form my dreads again?

Currently, I'm in Tampa, FL, but as of the 16th of July, I'll be in California. Anyone in these areas, help me out! I would love to gain a new friend, too.
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[19 Jun 2006|05:29pm]
anyone around ottawa/montreal/toronto that fixes dreads?

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[19 Jun 2006|05:57pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi, I haven't been here in a while, but I discovered something recently that made me happy.

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I just wanted to share with all of you because I know you can appreciate it. :)

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[19 Jun 2006|07:04pm]

i was hoping someone could direct me to where i could purchase some henna dye.
i think i need a little change of look and ive never used henna before so i think that might be the way to go.

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