June 20th, 2006

till the clouds clear

hey poppets

hey dready folks.

The locks are gone. Ka poosh! it took about, three nights of halfassed effort a few days back. I trimmed them down to about chin length first to make things easyer. Lots of conditioner + one Mangled (on verge of deaaath) plastic comb later it was loose.

It's odd. it's nice having loose hair again... but its hard getting over how differant you look when you've had dreads for nearly two years. I don't know how i feel about it. i dont regret it.. [shrug]

The hair is in peachy condition after some intense conditioner. It was definitely worth combing out instead of getting out the clippers like a few suggested.. (the joys of products) At the end of it all i decided to hack off a fair chunk, but the options are priceless.

A couple of people were fairly negative about the possible outcome. Trying to comb out fairly old/tight dreads when the reason my hair got dreaded in the first place was because it was so badly damaged. I can understand why you might think that it would be fruitless... Anyway the point of this parapragh is to thankyou for being so negative. it strengthed my patience! There's nothing like negative vibes to make you try harder.



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questions for the fakers

Hi kids,

Sorry if this is annoying / redundant / out of place question, but i'm in need of some info and thought maybe you could help me out.
i want to get some loose dreads made for extension purposes. not falls but just single dreads. i'm only going to have them in for about two weeks - i can't keep them in for longer because of work - but i am going down to burningman at the end of the summer and really miss having dreadies whenever i'm there, so i'd like to get synthetic ones that i can put in on my way down (30 hour drive, hardcore!) and then take out when i get home.

my questions;

a)single or double ended dreads - which are easier to put in? which do you like more and why?
b)where should i get them made? any recommendations? anyone here interested in making some cash to make me some?
c)how many would you say i will need? i have moderately thick hair, almost to my shoulders, if that makes a difference.

again, sorry if my questions are out of place, if anyone can point me in a more appropriate direction on where to answer these questions i'll hush up and go there. otherwise, thanks so much for your help!

DREAD ON.  ~:o

(x-dreaded three times over)

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Just curious if anyone knows where I can get some work done in Dallas or Austin Texas... I live in Dallas but am going to Austin soon.  I am really looking for someone who knows their stuff.... I am getting anxious.

Thanks in advance,