June 21st, 2006

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a tip

A tip: a friend of mine suggested, after you wash your hair, to rinse with about 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar. It gets rid of the itchies amazingly. Just be sure to rinse it out well.

I've very dry hair and skin and used to get very itchy scalp after washing. Now: no itchies and it smells so clean! Yay!

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a man i met at bonnaroo, he's had his dreads his whole life. I told him I thought dreads were love, and he said "dreads are more than love," and pointed to the truck behind me...

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I haven’t posted here in ages sorry for my slackness but I have been and still am very busy. Anyway yesterday I was having my girlfriend take some photos of me for my new website and she took a few photos of my dreads once we had finished. Enjoy!

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all the sunshine and outdoor activities are making my dreads so very bright blonde.
:) i've been on summer break since monday.

hope everyone has a lovely rest of the week.

You know you love stupid questions.

Hello, all!

I've been reading the posts in this community for a while and I find myself increasingly fascinated by dreads. I have two questions and I would really appreciate if someone replied because I have nobody else to ask...

First of all, I'm really bad at explaining things because English is not my native language. Please bare with me.

I have thin (oh my, is this the word? I don't have a lot of hair, that's what I mean) bleached hair. How much do both of these things effect the making of dreads?

The second question is - what happens if you just leave your hair as it is - wash it but not comb it? To some kind of natural dreads form with all people? Could something go wrong (causing you to cut your hair)...?

Thanks so much, I really like this community - you're so friendly and your pictures are so beautiful :)

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I HATE this community.

A few days ago I made a post asking for help on where I could possibly get dreads in my area. I recieved an immediate comment from the wonderful soulhaus telling me that she's in the dread business and is willing to come up to my area for a full fledged dreadfest. Awesome right? After much consolation and plans being made we decided on a time and place gangsta style. "3 o'clock under the flagpole, be there or be square...I know where you live." (Except she doesn't really know where I live (nor do I at this point) (am I allowed to put paranthesis in a paranthesis?) (did I spell paranthesis correctly?), and well it obviously wasn't as 4th grade as that but moving on.) Yesterday, my aunt, cousin and I all spent a nice long day shopping in the sun, and my aunt who just got over chemo for breast cancer (obviously this doesn't have much relevance to the post other then well..umm...she lost her hair, perfect there we go...hair dreads, it all conects!) was very tired/a bit on the sick side. So as I was driving home, I might have driven a little lot too fast (94 in a 65) and well I got pulled over. Needless to say the cop was a dirtbag and didn't even ask if perhaps an ambulance was needed. (So I tried to exploit my aunt by using her sickness...whatever...it's not like it worked anyway!) Whatever I got a ticket. Not so awesome anymore huh!!

Long story short, the ticket is coming in place of the dreads for now and well I feel bad for soulhaus because from what I understand she was planning all these plans to do stuff in SF and now she can't. So boo on that and I'm crazy sorry.

NOW, you must be asking yourself..."why all the hatin'? It's your damn fault!!" NO it's your fault people. I keep looking at this community, because the addictive factor has taken hold of me. And every damn time I look at the pictures of all you beautiful people with beautiful dreads, I hate you more. Hate is a strong word, I understand, but hey I'm a 5 year old at heart, it's cool.

SO to leave you on a good note, I'll post picture of my non dreaded self under a Collapse ), hopepfully that will help you dislike me about as much as I dislike you!!

P.S. I really don't hate you guys, it's just that I took a nap and when I looked in the mirror after I woke up, I was a tad on the green side...okay?!?!!

random question

my girlfriend picked up a dready hitchhiker in buckhorn PA last sunday who was on her way to the rainbow gathering in CO. white girl, name of jessica, from maine, brown dreads for 5 years, around 20 years old. was this you? hopefully you made it to boulder and won't see this post for a while even if you're on GUDU.

be careful, chickie!

yeah, no point here, just curious. :P