June 23rd, 2006

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On Wednesday I was going for a cycle in a wooded area not too far from my house. I curled up and down winded paths in search of enjoyment, and found it waiting for me. Quite suddenly a tree became angered with my glee and threw one of its loose branches at my head. Stunned, I looked around for my assailant, but to no avail. Upon realising no one was there to throw the branch I had a good sit down to recover my minor injuries. Today I still have a not so noticeable bruise that packs quite a punch on my shoulder. As far as my head goes, if not for my dreads I would've surely received a head injury.
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I bought blondspray, but does anybody know if I can use that?
You don't see it very well on the photo but I got light brown hair as my original haircolor.

And you can see that now, and I don't like that. But I bleached my hair a few weeks ago, so I don't want to bleach it again because my head is still burning. So I was hoping that you have got tips for me or who has also used blondspray.

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I haven't posted in a while... I'll have to take some new pictures soon.

I had surgery on my ear Wednesday and the doctor had to shave a little bit of my head!
It's no big deal and he made sure that it was just loose hair and was only a small area.

I just had to share that.. it's kinda neat to rub that part of my head.
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Hi, I just dreaded my hair yesterday night. I'm wondering though if what I did will still work out. I braided my head into small sections and then backcombed a whole lot. it seems to be holding decent and looking okay but im wondering if it will effect how they look in the long run since they still look a little like braids...


my dreads are sooo loopy! like they all have like 700 loops. not that i don't like them, it's kind of cool actually. but they will go away right? where will they go? like will they just straighten out as my hair grows??

my dreads have tightend up so much in the past few weeks. i'm so happy. they're only about 3 months and they're maturing wonderfully.

pictures soon!

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Soooo I did it. Last night. I should have kept count but honestly, I was getting so frustrated that I didn't even care. I appreciate every comment I got to my last post, you guys helped calm me down a whole lot! :)

I did manage to get some pictures with my really crappy webcam. My good camera is dead for now, so this is the best I could do. I still don't think it looks right but I've got time and a small amount of patience.

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SouthPark Me

Le Weekend

So as everybody knows, this Saturday we celebrate the birth of our country by blowing a small chunk of it up. Should be fun, as they say.

Anyhow, what are all Toronto area dredheads up to for ce weekend? Bonus points if your answer is 'holding a dredhead meetup at the cottage' cause that would be wikkid cool. Mental note: I should buy a cottage. And a float plane. And mind-control lasers.

That is all.