June 25th, 2006

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hey everyone. i joined here a long time ago because i wanted to get dreads and didn't know anything about how i was to go about doing it. i did some research and consequently put the idea on hold for a while.

then i graduated and thought, well, now that i'm out of high school i can do something with my hair as a reward. i was thinking about dying it blue, but that didn't work out. my mom was really against the idea. she was okay with dreads, though. i don't know how her logic works, but i'm glad, because i just realized how much i like my hair color. it's cool. so now i have brown dreads, and they're not the BEST dreads because they're brand-new and i did them by myself... but they make me happy. i'm looking forward to seeing what sort of things they'll do. :)

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fugly days...

I'm sure at some point in the developing of dreads, many of us go through fugly (meaning fuzzy and "ugly") days. What do you do to make yourself feel better on the days when you look in the mirror and see nothing but fuzzy, loose hairs and feel disappointed?