June 26th, 2006

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so i'm having a bit of a problem. i'm sure i'm going to come off as a bitch, but i honestly really feel like one right now, so i guess i deserve any harsh feedback i receive. my boyfriend (of 15 months yesterday!) is getting dreads today. i don't know why all of the sudden i'm weirded out by this. i suppose it could be jealousy: i posted an entry earlier about how much i wanted dreads, but couldn't get them due to being in madrigals. or it could be i'm just afraid of him getting more attention or something. i'm very insecure, and i hate it when other girls look at him, probably because i'm scared he'll like them better. my deal now is that he won't be attracted to me anymore-that instead he'll want some super cool laid back girl with dreads. 

i don't know why i have to make a big deal out of things. i really am happy for him, because i know he's been wanting dreads for a while. i want them so bad too, but i can't get them for another year..wich is a bummer.

so any advice? i know i sound horrible, so please don't hate me..i definetly didn't mean any disrespect, so don't interpret it like that..

and i'm babbling, so sorry again.
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my dreads have been sort of a saga. i paid big bucks to a guy who did barely anything to them, so they fell apart in the shower. i kept the sectioning he did, because they sort of kept a little separate and i back combed most of them over the course of two weeks. i say most because some of them started dreading all by their oneies. so right now they are 70 percent backcombed, and the rest is a wonderful ratty mess. ^_^ At this point my thoughts are "watever, i'll let them do their own thing, and just separate them if they dread together. For a while there i thought of combing them out, partly out of frustration, partly because my mom sort of convinced me i couldn't get a job with them.i'm glad i didn't. I can just wear a hat or bandana, or wrap or something. My friend who has dreadlocks calmed me down and told me she had a job for a week or two until they found out she had dreads. Once my bangs grow out a little long, i'll dread them.

now to the interesting part
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OT: Monkey Update

At the prompting of lishd I thought I'd let you guys know how things are going.

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I'm posting dreads out this week, so they'll be on their way to you soon! The fundraising went really well, we're up to £3200 (about $5800), which means each of my dreads raised nearly $200 for charity.


Thanks again to everyone for best wishes n' stuff, y'all rock.

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Alrite so from being a long term lurker, the time is finally here well 2 weeks today to be precise. I just thought i would share my excitement with people who understand.

Just some befores.!large images!

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I was in a wedding recently. All the girls were going to get their hair done, and the hair place said they had a bride once with dreads and they could work with mine. so i shelled out the fifty bucks. i think the solution was interesting; it felt as though the creation was similar to that of a helmet.

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Ok, so I've had my dreads for a couple days....hee hee baby dreads....anyways, I had a couple friends do them and they're really loose and frizzy and hair is coming out of them!! Is this a normal growing process or do I need to seek help??? I don't want them to be yucky and fuzzy!!!