June 29th, 2006

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hey beautiful people... i just got back on monday from 2 weeks in ontario for a family visit and my annual summer solstice festival... and i just posted the pics on my journal. there are a lot of dreads, but not in every pic, so i'll let you sift through them yourself... i think that even without dreads most people here will like the pics... so here are the links...

my mom's pics (yes, i brought my PARENTS):

and mine:


Today is my birthday!

ok, so we're going to play a game!

without checking my userinfo, I want you guys to guess how old you think I am! tomorrow I will tell you who is right and who is wrong!

It's also 2 days away from my dreads' 7 month mark! they've changed QUITE a bit since I last posted here, so check em out!

I went from this

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to THIS!

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I bleached them, and I love it!

also, I've got lots more under the cut, because I love taking silly pictures!

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my dreads are not doing well.
they're all matted together.
with tons of loose hair inbetween.
they really need some sweet lovin'
is there anyone in maine, or the maine area that would help me out?
i'm not really sure what they need, some cutting, some sewing, and some other stuff too.
if you want to help me out, i'll give you gas money, and pay you somehow too....
or come to you.
or something.
they're almost 3 years old.
and are just kinda fucking pathetic.
so please!
help me out!
reply to this if you are into it.

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finally got my baby dreadies :)
i love love love them
only wish they were a bit tamer, they're a little frizzy
could be worse though!

also scared to wash them. got em monday, haven't washed hair since... ohhh saturday? iunno... i'm just not 100% HOW to wash them when they're so new without .. unknotting them you know?

i'm suuure there's lots in memories about washing, but iunno if it's different when they're just babies?
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Rising From the Dread

Pictures and Headaches.

Hey, I'm Ric. I'm new around here. I have a question for all the folks who found they got headaches after dreading up.

I read the memories on the subject, and it seems that most of you who experienced headaches had older dreads and were attributing them to the added weight from fallen-out hair. My dreads, however, are really young; they'll be one month old in a couple of days. What did you find the headaches felt like--dull, sharp...? Mine are sharp, mostly on one side of my head, and only last for a little while. I'm guessing that it's from my hair being pulled all over the place--and I do get them on the side that's tighter and was subjected to the most pulling--but still, I'm a little concerned.

Anyways...since I'm new, I thought I'd post some before and afters:

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Thanks for your help!

frisco frisco

anyone out in the san francisco area the week of july 1st-july 8th that would like to hang out with a fellow dreadhead and her insane friend?

we're slightly nuts, but i promise we're nice.
i'm just lookin for another knotty person to roam the city with.