June 30th, 2006


10-month mark

So... I'm at the 10 month mark... almost a year! Time sure does fly. I have to say that I'm quite envious of all you blonde dreadies... the lighter colors seem to accentuate your dreads better. My hair's quite dark and I have no intention of coloring it... I had purposefully dreaded it so that I could grow out my gray, but they don't show up in pics very well.

Anyways... I've been wearing my hair down at work, lately (down=in a headband, because I do a lot of leaning over a light-table and don't really want them falling loose around my face). Everyone at my half conservative/half liberal work has been really encouraging me to wear them down more often, so I did. I love my job.

Well... here's a pic of the 10-month mark... I look forward to more time with them, having them mature a bit more, watching them change, and growing old with them! Also, love this community and all the pictures everyone posts... it's nice to see such a variety (but I'm still quite partial to the blondies). ;-)

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Ok, someone recently asked: How about some animals other than rats...

Well, here is more than you could ever hope for. While my dreads leave a lot to be desired, there are some nice animals in the mix.

Yeah, I kiss a lot of animals. Sorry they're all links but I'm too lazy to resize them all and didn't want to bog everyone down with the sheer volume of them.

dreads and slow lorises
dreads and sugar gliders
dreads and swans
dreads and bunnies
dreads and cats and dogs
more dreads and cats and dogs
dreads and mexican red headed amazons
dreads and the family
dreads and frogs
dreads and indian ring neck parakeets

and before dreads, i had many incarnations of braids...

braids and foxes
braids and uromastyxs
braids and ball pythons
braids and galapagos tortoises
braids and milk snakes
braids and goats
braids and budgies
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dreadlies again

howdy! Ya'lls probably don't remember me, I was here a while ago and then brushed out/cut/combed through all my lovely knots. I had a small emo breakdown (gah). Now that my hair's repaired itself and lengthened, I'm hoping to re-start the knots I loved so much, in a new, more peaceful way. I live in Boston, MA, US and I'm looking for an inexpensively helpful way to restart the process. Any suggestions/helpful people want to visit a blindie in BOston? I have the cutest cat and the best rum ini the woyld! (and just for fun - here's what htey looked like just before they left me) Collapse )
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Hi guys! I've never posted here before, but I've been a long time lurker, admiring all your lovely dreadies from afar. :) I don't have dreads yet, but plan on having my girlfriend do them when my hair gets a little longer. Though it will be a while because I'm growing my hair out from about an inch length. The longest parts are about to my chin now. I can't wait!

Behind the cut is a picture of her with her dreads. And one of little ol' me for good measure.

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I've been going very natural with my hair.
Tea Tree Oil, no straightening, blowdrying, no excessive washing.
In fact, I prefer my hair as natural and unwashed as possible so normally I wash it twice or three times a week.
I want to dread my hair but not all of it, I saw some girls with just a few dreads, and the rest braided, knotted...whatever.
Right now I have a few braids and lots of tangles. I love my hair and it goes down to about my no-boobs right now.Collapse )

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can anyone recommend a place in montreal, canada, where i could get dreadlocks? (my hair's really short now and i'm unable to grow them to the 'appropriate' lenght, so i need extensions). any help would be appreciated.
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Hi guys. I'm trying to decide if I want dreads. I think I do, I'm just a little scared to take the plunge. Here's a picture of me with temporary ones:

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Anyway, is there anybody here who lives in the DC area and does dreads? Or knows of someone who does them? I posted in washingtondc but I think I might have better luck here.