July 1st, 2006

fucking hawt

By way of offering Thanks to all who offered bleaching advice earlier...

I printed out Lish's tutorial in the memories section and it was exceedingly helpful. Particularly in aiding my purchase of costworthy and effective product. (Otherwise I might have fallen prey to glitz in a box scam job.) Instead I spent exactly $1.99 each on a packet of powdered bleach and bottle of developer.

I bleached it tonight. And I am thrilled with the results. It's a very new thing for me to find myself *this* blonde. It's tripping me out in a way that pleases me no end at the moment.

oops I've gone blonde!

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wraps for sale/trade

hey. i bought a set of three headwraps on ebay (due to the great tutorial filthy_habits wrote), but i only wanted the blue one on the right. so the other two are up for grabs. if anyone's interested, make an offer of cash or trade.

the brown one is folded in that pic, so it's twice as long, & the pink one has metallic threads sewn through it & little beads at the ends.


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i am going to be flying to washington at the end of july...mainly to check out evergreen state college in olympia, but also because washington looks beautiful and id like to move there in the beginning of next year...so here is my question:

is there anyone in this community that lives near olympia, wa that wouldnt mind me crashing on their couch for a couple days? i will gladly pay some money to whomever is willing???

and, since this had nothing to do with dreadlocks....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting ive got 2 descently sized beavertails in the back and im in love with them.

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