July 3rd, 2006

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okayy, TWO questions

#1--- anyone know of anywhere good in vancouver (or a chain store i could find anywhere) to get BEADS? i want some to make hemp bracelets etc. as well as for my dreads

#2--- what's a good brand for hair dye? and do i need to get allll the wax completley out for a good dye job?
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to dread again or not...

Hey everyone. I had had dreads for awhile but got rid of 'em. I just didn't think they looked good on me and my scalp itched like crazy. I started out with just backcombing with no wax (I have naturally curly hair) and then a friend of mine went at them with a crochet hook to tighten 'em up. but after seeing everyone's awesome dreads in this community *sigh* I'm thinking about getting them again. Here's some old pics and a recent one. What do you think. Should I or shouldn't I? Thanks.
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strangely enough, one of my dreads is falling apart, one that i can see anyway.

it's odd, because my hair was so knotty before i started with dreads, and pretty damaged, but now i have them, there's these bits of hair just unknotting and falling out the dread.

so i've tied a bit of string round because i can't be bothered with it right now.

a lot of my other dreads have loosened up too, but that's probably my fault for dying them and putting them through a half hour rinse or so. so some of them are purple.

i'd post pictures... but you know how things get.

oh and people keep asking me if i'm gonna get 'proper dreads' when i say i'm not planning on taking them out. =)
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Just a single photo due to the fact that
I am technologically inept
so I don't know how to use an LJ cut for the life of me..
and I am too impatient to upload any photos. Enjoy
[If the lack of an LJ cut is inappropriate for this community
I will delete this post]

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