July 4th, 2006



My dreads are over 1 year old... They've always been good to me, and we've had a good relationship, most of the time.
Okay, so, as of late, meaning the last two months or so, they've been unraveling, like mad. I'm not a huge fan of it.
I haven't changed my soaps/ washing patterns/ anything really. Other than season, well and continent, but I returned to my original one, so that shouldn't be it. Last summer I didn't notice them unraveling, but maybe the humidity in the air? I'm not sure, all I know is that copious amounts of hair is coming out of these semi-mature dreads of mine.

I was just wondering if anyone else has any ideas on the subject, or have experienced this... something, or anything!

In the meantime!

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so right now my dreads are two months and two weeks old come thursday. the backcombing seems to have just kickstarted the natural process. and they feel alot more...sectioned and knotted than these pictures may suggest. i'd say only one completely took to the backcombing. a fair amount have retained their shape, but could tighten up alot more. they feel kind of spongy. some have half fallen out and are dreading all by themselves. anyways, now that i have a better camera i shall share some pictures for you guys.
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good day! :)


Three days ago I was sitting there with the boyfriend watching the BFG (Hrhr we're cool) when I suddenly asked if I could dread his hair. He'd been planning on it for at least four years, but his mother told him not to. Since he's now eighteen/out of school/was feeling like a rebel he said yessss.
So of course I drag him over here for a photoshoot. :B

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oh this has been done before...

Dear dread boy at the Ottawa Jazz festival.

i apologize. you said hello, at the time i didnt know what you were saying. was just in such a rush.
I should have said more...but by the time that i realized that you had lovely dreads, i was at the front of the stage and you were lost in the crowd.

so yes, i deeply apologize.

and on a different note...im so sorry to everyone out there...i look at your pictures, but have none to share...so try to imagine a tall lanky, half japanese, half ukranian with thick dreads that are just below the shoulders...ummm. glasses. a single freckle on each side of my face. hmmm..did i mention tall?

i'll work on getting pics of myself + dreads.

you are all lovely!
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Ack, well I started dreading my hair again a few weeks ago, and they stayed together then they started to come apart and what not and it's making me sad =-[, any suggestions?


I can't seem to be able to do the back of my hair and no one will help me bc they don't know how, any suggestions there too? [[-=?
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two years ago, i was home alone, and very very bored on the 4th of july. so i decided to start dreading my hair because i had been thinking about it for quite a while.

and here i am again, bored out of my mind on the fourth. so now is as good a time as ever to update, right?

me, on the left, about 5 months before i dreaded up.

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loads and loads and loads of pictures. i warn you.
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A bit of maintenance help?

So, besides lishd, does anyone else live in the florida area that would be willing to trade dread maintenance? I can't reach the back of my head, gah! But then, who the heck can? This is my first set of dreads and I don't know anyone else with dreads, so I would not only be trading maintenance, I would also (hopefully) be learning how to maintain them from you. No worries, however, 'cause I'm a quick learn. Also, I live in Orlando and don't drive, but I make a very hospitable host who can cook you a killer vegan Fettuchini Alfredo dinner and will speak kindly of you forever. Yeah, I realize this is a bit of a stretch, but thought I'd throw it out there. Thanks in advance.

Update O'clock

I thought that it's been a while since I updated on the progress of my dreads. I don't imagine anyone really remembers me as I don't post very regularly, but I do read the community almost every day. My dreads are about 18 months old and I love them, they've changed so much. They look different almost every day.

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Ok, I know that my dreads are brand new (a week and a half!!!!) and that I have to be patient for them to form and tighten and lock....but I'm getting a little nervous. I have so many loose hairs and while some seem to be tightening, others seem to be coming apart. My dreads weren't backcombed...so its hard to get advice from the various websites...I've had some people tell me to just leave them alone, that they'll eventually tighten up, and I've been trying....but I also have some co-workers who are telling me to go to a salon and get them fixed....keep in mind I'm a white kid and these are mostly Cape Verde kids...and while I love their advice, I don't know if I can afford a hair place...but I don't want to have to cut them off because they turned out horrible!!! I'm trying to be patient...but I'm worried. Any advice???

I do love them though....more and more each day!!!! :)
me in the corner

Happy 4th...

even if your not in the u.s. It's july, so happy july to everyone. I spent the day in Friendship Park in Mendocino, California and saw a great many dreadlocks on people's heads.

Sorry I don't have any new pictures, but I was just wondering if any of the dread heads in Mendocino Country were in this communinty. Anyone?