July 5th, 2006

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hey everyone! my name is danielle i've been a memeber of this community for a while but i don't think i've ever actually posted. i've wanted dreadlocks for about 2 years now but due to the fact i go to a private all girls school i can't have dreadlocks because they are close minded communists, in my opinion. anyway, i am entering my senior year and i said to myself fuck them it's my senior year i'm going to dreadlock my hair if i please. before i go about it i have a few questions. i shower EVERYDAY because well long story short, i get stinky easily, especially my hair. is it feasible in anyway for me to wash my hair everday with dreadlocks or is that completely impossible? also i know there are websites that provide products to maintain dreadlocks but due to my lack of money and lack of trust in internet shopping, are there any products i can purchase at a drug store? my final question is do you have to use a metal comb to create dreadlocks, if so where can i purchase one besides the internet? thank you so much for any help!
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hello. this is my first post here, and the first time i've used livejournal in over a year. i was bored one day and i found this community, and i've been checking it pretty frequently since. the pictures are really great. my dreads turned 3 months old on june 30th. people had been telling me that my hair would be great for dreads for a while now, and that i should try doing them, but i figured they'd be too much work, since i never ever did anything to my hair. i also wasn't sure if i was comfortable with having them just because i was afraid it might be taken as cultural appropriation or something. i don't want to start a big debate or anything (especially since i've read the memories), but i just didn't want to feel like i was taking something special away from anyone. eventually i got over that idea and i decided that i really wanted to do them. at first it was just to do something different, but i have become attatched to them, and i'm into the idea that i kind of just have to let my hair go, although at times it took some getting used to. my friend meghan who originally helped me start my dreads told me not to put rubber bands in them, so i didn't. then, since i didn't really take care of them they all grew together. another friend helped me cut them apart, and to try and prevent that from happening again, i put rubber bands on. i've cut most of them out since reading this community, though. i figure i can always just put them back in if i want. anyways, on with the pictures.

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My dreads will be 2 years this month
and I got a new puppy!
this is wayyy off topic but - does anyone have experience with Chows? because from what I've heard they have a bad rep, and I want to do everything possible to avoid having a dog who attacks people
and now pix to make up for the off-topic-ness!

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people with long, well developed locks,
how do you deal with your hair getting wet all the time swimming?
i mean, when i take a shower, i can avoid them getting soaked, but in a lake, they're just sitting there, getting saturated in water, for hours.
after i get out i wring them out, and then let them hang out in a towel for a little bit, and then let them dry in the sun a little bit, but it still takes up to 4 days for them to dry.
i had been avoiding this problem, by not swimming alot, but its just sooooo fucking hot this summer i can't do it.
so help me out, i need a miracle way to keep my dreads dry, or dry them fast! (no bathing caps please)

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a few weeks ago i mentioned wanting to try out henna. well i got my litlte henna samples in the mail and tonight/tomorrow im gona try it out on a dread or two. i hope it turns out nice cause i realllllly want to give it a go:)

wish me luck on my trial period.

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Hi there fellow humans! I'm Tiffany, long time lurker, first time poster.

Okay, here's the deal: I've wanted dreads for, oh, at least three years now, and I'm finally taking the plunge. I've battled my mom and dad on it several times when I've started little ones, but I finally cut a deal with them: I'm going to have non-knotty hair for my senior pictures (since they're paying for them and it'tl be my last "normal" hair high school photo), and the day afterwards, I'm dreading it up. Here's some current pictures of me (under the cut):
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As you can see, my hair is medium-length, past my shoulders by about one inch. I do believe I'll be getting one or two inches trimmed before I get the senior pics done, since the ends are horribly mutilated (I used to bleach and dye my hair two or three times a month).

I'm planning on keeping them as natural as I can (no wax, kthx) and I have a couple of questions. I have heard that washing your hair before dreading with bar soap will help hair knot better. Is there any truth to this?

And if anyone has any advice that they'd like to give a first-timer, it's more than welcome. Thanks in advance, and take care! :)
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i hate to post about dandruff again but i'm running out of options.

i use dr bronners tea tree oil soap. i've sprayed with rosemary tea and tea tree oil/water mix, i've rinsed with apple cider vinegar. i wash once a week on average. my scalp grows crusties and then itches and the dandruff raised by scratching is horrendous. i can't personally justify using supermarket bought dandruff stuff as it's all used as a means of torture on animals. going to the doctor is not an option.

i have no clue what to try next. the tea tree oil is lovely, the rosemary brew is lovely, the acv is lovely. but none of them get rid of the dandruff.

anyone have and solve this problem? my dreads are just over 5 months.


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is anyone here from boone, NC?

i was there last weekend, and i've never seen so many dreadheads in one city. it was amazing.

we stopped at a stoplight and a guy called from the sidewalk, "hey! how do you do that? to your hair?" i smiled and called back, "keep washing, stop brushing." he nodded and smiled as the light turned and we drove off. it made me laugh out loud. it was great.

cutting dreads

can you cut dreads? like i know obviously you can but everytime i say i want to cut mine someone says "what?!? you cant cut dreads". like its some huge taboo to cut them. isnt that a rasta thing not to cut them? i dont actually know but i think someone told me that once. mine were cuter when they were shorter and i want them back that way.
and ya if i do cut them, whats a better way to cut them, on an angle or like trying to round the tips. i know cutting them straight across looks weird. sorry if this is already in the memories or something. i couldnt find anything in there
sorry no pics today. they will be 2 in a few weeks and im saving all pics till then

****later edit**** ok since this post was a total stupid moment and its really a waste of everyones time and page space. im going to include some pics of the actual hair cut. i appologize to everyone. haha sorry

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My mother has finally caved. She told me just to 'go ahead if you're set on it, it's your hair and you've wanted them forever'. She never really protested too much, it's just I didn't want to have them until she agreed that she'd be ok with it if I did. There's no point causing agro over hair. I'm determined that she'll like them. My friend will start me off with a few on Saturday and we'll go from there.

I have a question before I go ahead though: Do I dread my fringe(bangs)now, or wait until it's longer?

This is the most recent picture of me:

The thing is, I want to prevent the Sideshow Bob look as much as possible and I'm worried that, as my hair at the front is so much shorter than at the back, the dreads at the front will stick out and look really silly. I know it's a bit trivial, but I've loved them for so long, I just want them to be right. I know they'll never look the way I expect them to (that's the beauty of dreads), but I'd like to start as I mean to go on.

Thank you for any comments my lovelies.
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If I had pictures to post, perhaps this would make a little bit more sense.

After sporting some mean bihawks on and off for god knows how many years, and then finally dreading them after recoiling in horror at aquanet-induced hair breakage -
I cut some of them off.

I like the term "mullet-hawks"

I tipped some of them PC spring green, as faded orangey-yellow was getting boring, and my sideburns/dogears are SE hi-octane orange - but I left it in so long it turned red...

I'm tired of looking Punk Fucking Rock - or more so, [and perhaps to better clarify] the people who fail to realize that it's impossible to be Punk Fucking Rock 24/7 and that it's possible to identify with a spectrum of subcultures...

...it doesn't change the fact that I stood in front of the mirror staring at a pair of scissors for two hours last night.
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