July 7th, 2006

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Long time 'stalker' but its been enough time for my hair to grow out and I need a good ole livejournal group to help me out. Any philadelphians wanna help a lj friend out, and help me dread my hair? Anyone? We can crash at my place rock some Blind Melon and Pumpkins and chill the hell out! ^__^

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Hey guys. I've been watching this community for a while, and I'm on my third attempt at making dreads (my second failed attempt is my LJ icon, they were done by twisting and "jerking them off"). I think they'll work this time. I backcombed 'em, and initially they were so tightly backcombed (hours and hours spent) that it was very hard to put wax in them, so i didn't bother (i later rebackcombed a couple WITH wax in the hair, which seemed to work awesomely but be a pain the ass). Eventually, just the ends loosened and now I have fairly tight roots, with about half- to two-thirds of the way up the locks dreaded, and the rest basically semi-tangled straight hair. i just got back from the rainbow gathering in colorado (f**king amazing) and i saw thousands of beautiful, natural dreads, and i decided im just going to let the ends dread themselves naturally through "neglect." my question: is this a good idea, or should i keep re-backcombing the ends with wax, and about how long does it take for neglected hair to START to really resemble dreads? Sorry I don't have pictures, perhaps I will soon. Any help is much appreciated, thanks! By the way, they're about a month old, so I'm figuring it'll be a while, but most people tend to like them as they are already.

3 Months

I don't know what to say other than the change from day one is huge.  I washed them tonight and they turned 3 months on the 4th.

I also celebrated six months of clean time.

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