July 8th, 2006

circle flowers?

maintenance request! (worc/boston ma) and hair elastic question...

Ok, the hair elastics first...

On formed dreads that you're trying to put into a pony tail (or bun or many pony tails); what sort of elastic or tie do you prefer? I want to start wearing my hair in two pony tails or buns, but the medium-sized fabric covered elastics that I bought a few months ago turn to shreds after a handful of uses. The damned things just pull apart and are worthless (probably due to the huge mass of hair they have to stretch over). Anyone had some better luck?

Secondly, if you live in or near worcester/boston, MA and are curious...
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So I've got these here dready thingers on my head.  They're quite nice actually, except for the 9 or some months worth of growth on the back and lower sides of my head.  I've got tiny crochet hooks and tools but Oh!  I fail.  The little hair squalls simply refuse to dread on their own...  So here I go, requesting some help from the nice folk of the inter-web-world.

I am quite poor.  Oh so poor.  Unemployed and partially temporarily disabled, but not enough to get disability.  So I'd like to offer a trade, one I'd enjoy immensely.  Hula hoop.  I'd like to offer you one of those biiiig yummy awesome hand-made (by me) hoops, good for festivals and dancing and clubs and exercise and FUN!  I would also looove to show you a few tricks and moves that I've been working on (shoulder hooping, getting the hoop up and back down and so on) to give you some ideas.  Anyone interested?  I travel to boston semi-regularly to visit a sister and doctor's appointments, otherwise I hoop around worcester... by foot, as i'm car-less.

email: ash (ling) rain (bow) at hot mail   -- without the parentheses of course.


(and yes yes, peekatures soon enough I promise)

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So, well I'm prolly getting pix of my dreads up soon(yay!) but they've gotten better looking and I'm proud of them, eh, not much of a post, just thought I'd update...
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looks like tim and I

washing dreads/shampoo

these questions have probably been asked already .. sorry...

next week I'm going to talk to my boss about dreading my hair and if it's not a big deal or against work policies, I'm gonna do it.

First question is this.. I'm trying to work out at least four days a week and have to shower after .. this is going to make my dreading efforts hard isn't it? I figure I could pull my hair up into shower cap for the first week or so to keep them dry after I work out ... does anyone see a problem with this?

second.. I LOVE the shampoos and products from lush .. they have solid and liquid shampoo with all sorts of great smells .. could I use any of their shampoo on my dreads? I understand from the memories that conditioner is a no no, but I'm guessing it's ok to use any type of shampoo.

and when you do wash, you should only wash the scalp right? or would I squeeze the shampoo into the dread itself like a sponge and then rince out the same way? sorry for so many questions!

thanks all you beautiful dreadies!
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today i got my dreadlocks to celebrate my 17th birthday early which isn't until monday and i really couldn't be happier despite the mild headache.

EDIT: I got these done at hair lynks in glasgow leo and the lady are both great stylists.

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