July 9th, 2006

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Pictures from Saturday, 2006

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Here are some pictures I took Saturday at the Country Fair in Veneta, OR (just outside of Eugene). There were twice as many people this year than last, it seemed. Lots of dreadies!
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anyone do dreads in nc? i live in greensboro, but would be willing to drive/provide gas money.

my boyfriend is in a state of trauma about his hair. 
see this post from awhile back:

as predicted, the roots are coming undone. the tips are loose, and all the shit came out, so the twists that idiot bitch called "dreads" are coming out.

he's going back to this idiot on tuesday to bitch her out and get his money back. if ANYONE can help i would appreciate it so much.
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dread update

allright so i've had my dreads for about one month and one week, and any advice i would have for people who are getting dreads for the first time is to just relax and dont stress so much. If you are trying to get dreads, no matter what you do, eventually your hair is going to dread. It just takes time. Sure there have been moments where I was anxious about my dreads on a certain day like after swimming or in the insane humidity, but overall I just let them do their own thing. And if you are stressed about swimming or getting your dreads wet, they may unravel a bit but they will tighten up in time. I showered 5 days after getting mine and they stayed intact. I just got back from the beach and they are still intact. So just relax and everything will be fineeee. and thats my advice for all the people that post frantically with a billion questions haha.

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Hello everyone, my name's Krista and I've been stalking this community for about a year now. I think dreads are insanely beautiful and I hope to get some of my own in the near future. An acquaintance of mine has offered to do them for me but I thought I'd come here beforehand.
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help? please?

I had my unexperienced-with-dreads boyfriend backcomb my hair last Saturday... they looked nice & stayed separate the first couple of days. Then they started going crazy... I guess the roots weren't backcombed enough, because in some places there is about 2 inches of unknotted hair and there are TONS of lose hairs and loops... some dreads have about a million little loops of individual hairs... is this normal? What's going on here? Some of the loops are pretty big, as well... at least a couple inches of hair... and my roots in the back have all begun to meld together... the loose hairs seem to have gone from dread a to dread b, connecting the two at the root, and maybe even throwing dread c in there... so now, the roots in the back are very nicely knotted up, but to eachother. :( the hair still falls into individual dreads after 2-3 inches, but it's scaring me. I've always heard to just let dreads do their thing, wait it out, it's hard to go wrong, etc... but what's going on with my hair? will it recover?

I had thought of somehow separating each root and then rubberbanding them for a while, even though I've always heard rubberbands are tools of satan... just worried that they won't make it out as individuals without intervention..

Sorry that I don't have pics of this, I have somewhat small to medium long dreads (42 of them), fine hair that I recently dyed (permanent), I haven't washed them yet (could washing them help??) ... hopefully this is enough info/makes enough sense for someone to help :(

How long to wait for regrowth?

So... I cut my dreads. I know it was just last week that I was posting them at their 10-month mark (though, apparently, it was actually their 11-month mark... who knew?), but I was in a mood. More importantly, though, what lishd had tried to tell me on several occasions, and which I thoroughly ignored, was that the parts of dreads I had "looped" were not dreads at all, but resembled something more like braided hair.

Anyways... to make a long story short, after 12 hours of brushing out my hair and losing half of it, I'm thinking of letting my hair dread "naturally." My question is, how long should I wait to let my head/hair recuperate from this last experience? I've always had thin hair, but it's about twice as thinned out, now, than it was before I had dreaded it. Not to mention that my scalp is tender beyond words (though, I'm sure this will subside in a couple of days).

I plan on staying in this group because, well, every one's dreads are great inspiration and I'm hoping that I can learn from this experience and get the second set closer to what I had originally envisioned. Thanks everyone!

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hey everyone,
Just a question...

Some of my dreads seem like they are almost growing APART, as seen in picture below. But both sides are growing in tight! so there will be no croching going on thats for sure. I also have tried puting a bead over top, and even doing the dreaded loop, but still it wont stop growing APART! Can someone help me out? lol It seems like ive tried everything.

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Story time! Plus, Folk Fest

So, as you know, I work at Dunkin Donuts. And I meet all kinds of people who love dreads! Yesterday a woman came through the drive through, and we had a five minute conversation on all the ways to start dreads, because her 9 year old daughter really wants them, and she thinks it'd be really awesome. Then, one of the women I work with who's been totally weirded out by them came in and told me she had a dream the other night that she had dreads too! And that she couldn't stop petting them:) Then another one of my coworkers told me her 8 year old daughter really really wants them as well. Soo cute!

Those are my stories.

Now, my question. Is anyone going to Falcon Ridge Folk Fest next week? If you're not, and you're in the NY, Conn, Mass area you should totally come. Hell, I'd come if I lived all the way on the other side of the world, but it might be late for that.

Sorry about the text only, I'm working wayyyyyy too much to have my picture taken.