July 10th, 2006


i've always had a dry scalp. the fact that i'm a krusty kind of girl doesn't help too much I'm sure. I use tea tree but i'm unsure if it's doing anything...I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for this.

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vegetarian/veganism and dreads

i went to the store the other day and got a veggie sub but i ordered a steak and cheese and veggies sub without the steak, one of the people working there didn't know i was getting a veggie sub and was like "i can't believe you're eating meat and have dreads." and i told her it was a veggie and she said "oh i thought you were disrespecing me at first." i never really thought about it, but all of the kids i know with dreads are vegan. and i figure it's just a coincidence. and also, i was kind of taken back by what the person behind the counter said to me. it seemed kind of rude, and i probably would have been annoyed it applied.

a question

I was wondering about another way to kickstart a semi-natural dreadlocking process.

Since naturally formed dreadlocks begin knotting up at the ends/tips, would it be possible to encourage this knotting up by grabbing sections and rubbing the tips against the palm to create knots, then palm-rolling it? Then wait a couple of weeks/months and see how it goes? Obviously, after that, just wash as per normal and if the hair wants to unknot, then let it go? Because after all, it is semi-naturally formed..

Think that could work? I could try it out, I suppose.. Except that I have VERY fine and soft hair, so it would take a long long time..

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steve miller band

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well its 10 months now and i haven't posted in a long time so i figured a few pictures were due. not the best pictures of my dreads but i should have some comming from the steve miller band concert on friday and the led zeppelin preformed by a full orchestra that was last night so here you go.
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Hi everyone! I read almost every entry in the memories before posting this. :)

My name is Roxie, I'm 21, and am from the Houston area. I am so glad to have found this community! ^_^

I have wanted dreads for a long, long time and I think I'm finally ready to take the plunge. Well, in a couple months that is. :)

My hair is about shoulder length right now and I want to wait till it's a little bit longer before dreading. My birthday is in October, and I think that will be the perfect time to do it. I believe nothing is more beautiful than a woman with long dreads. Perfection.

My family and boyfriend are against it, but I know that they'll actually grow to love them, and if they don't that's their problem.

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It's a couple months old, but my hair looks pretty much the same. I curled it that day, but I naturally have fine wavy hair. My boyfriend keeps telling me that my my hair is too fine for dreads, but I think he's just trying to get me to back out. (You'd think with him being a long haired man he'd be more open minded...)

Anyway, my question is about having fine hair. Will that really have a negative impact on the way my hair will dread? I'm looking to go the backcombing route, preferrably without wax, but I'm thinking I'll probably need to use a little.

Thanks in advance for your help and I cannot wait until I get to join the ranks with you beautiful dreadheads. ^_^
not WAR

The Neglect Method

(If I missed the answer to any of my questions in the memories, just redirect me)

I don't have dreadlocks yet, and I want to make some. I want them to turn out nicely.

So, I've been reading through the memories, and I read somewhere that the neglect method produces the best looking dreads. My hair starts to form dreads if I don't condition it for a week-ish (I never brush my hair, and I never use shampoo, since I like the way it makes my curls look and feel). How long do you think it would take for my hair to stop looking strange and start looking like dreadlocks? I was thinking of using the back combing method, but not if my dreads will look nicer, and form not too slowly, with the neglect method.

Also, I'm hoping my hair isn't too short in the back to dread. Collapse )

Oh, one more thing. If I end up back combing my hair, will aloe help them lock up, when they're starting out? I have an aloe plant. If not, what is the best thing to put in my hair when I'm back combing it, or don't I need to put anything in at all? To my understanding, back combing is the same thing as teasing, right? So, how do I get it as tight as possible, and not just floofy and teased looking?

Yay, dreadlocks soon! *bouncebouncebounce*
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Hey everybody!
I'm Amanda & I'm new here. I am also new to having dreadlocks. I recently found this community & joined it earlier today. I was inspired by everyone's dreadlocks so much that I finally took the plunge. I was scared, but I got the hang of it. It took me about three hours to complete my entire head. They aren't very tight & the tips pretty much suck. But, I'm hoping that since the rest of it is pretty decent that the roots & the tips will tighten up more as time goes on. I came downstairs after I was done to show my mom & she was very suprised. But, not mad. Which I was suprised by. But, I'm glad that she didn't kill me. I've showed a few of my friends pictures & they think it's adorable on me. I also think my mom's all for it. Well, here's to dreads & the summer of 2006.

My best friend's favorite.

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Well thanks for your time & inspiration!! I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on how it turns out!

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