July 11th, 2006

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"Step right up and witness the seventy third marvel of the the world! The elusive reclusive eggplantman performing his bi-annual cranial frollick. First time ever on the international stage. Secure those safety glasses young man, you wouldn't want to lose an eye would you?"
"No sir!"
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giraffe girl


sooooo...I am planning on doing this body-art-thing. it involves rolling around in paint on a large sheet/canvas/something...my one worry is paint in dreads. For those of you who have knowledge with paints and stuff...what kind of paint would you suggest?

or perhaps i could just try and avoid getting paint in my hair...hmmmm...

thanks dears!
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not WAR

Compilation of Dread Types

I don't think there's anything like this in the memories, but I'm not positive.

I am curious about how different treatment and starting methods make dreads look. Would everyone (who is willing to oblige me) post a comment with a photo (or two or three), of their dreads, how long they've had them (and/or what they've looked like at different stages), what they do for maintainence (the kind of shampoo you use, whether you've been using wax or not, tell me about those two dreads you combined), and how you started them?

Thank you!
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on fallen hairs

some people think that it's disgusting that we dreadheads carry around all of our fallen hairs with us in our locks. but i'm disgusted by having to deal with all the hairs that come out of my brushable forelocks & bangs. all stuck around my fingers in the shower, caught in my toes on carpet, showing up bright red on my tile floors. i hate shedding. NOT shedding is SO much more appealing to me.

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i feel kinda silly asking this.

my cousin gave me a dread from his old set, and i want to attach it to one of mine. i looked in the memories and found instructions how, but i can't seem to do it on my own. I CAN'T ATTACH ONE DREAD TO ANOTHER. I'M PITIFUL. is there anyone in the richmond (virginia) area willing to help me out with this one dread? i'm willing to travel a bit and make a batch of homemade granola bars, or money, whatever you want in exchange. my email's in my profile if you don't feel like replying.


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~* greetings + a couple of questions *~

hi there,

i'm just starting dreads for the 2nd time in my life - the first time my hair was bleached + they seemed to lock up faster?! i'm not sure if this had anything to do with my hair being more damaged, as opposed to being all natural with no dyes/bleachedness like my hair is currently?? also, i'm currently at a job where i'm required to wear a hat + i read somewhere that wearing a hat can hinder dreads locking up?? does anybody know if there is any truth behind this?! and if so, any suggestions on what i could do to help my dreads while wearing the aforementioned hat?!

also, the memories section is wonderful on this community!! i've read through a great deal of it + it's super helpful, but i just have to ask if anyone has anymore suggestions regarding dandruff?! i already had a dry scalp before re-dreading my hair, but now it is outta control - HELP?!

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ok so since this summer has started i've been washing my hair every day instead of lets say once or twice a week. my hair is getting all weird now and im pretty sure its from washing it so much. one of them has tightened into a 90 degree angle. also my hair has noticibly shrunk at least 1/4 of the length it was a few months ago, and it's also thickened. oh and almost every single one of my dreads has grown together at the roots with one another. pretty soon im going to only have 2 ginormous dreads. i'm kind of excited to see how everything turns out, i think it's going to look like a permanent pigtail mess. so i was wondering if this has happened to anyone else from washing their hair alot?

x-posted to my journal.

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Are these even considered baby dreads yet?

Still only two months and two weeks since i backcombed them.

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Soo...I know I've been tweaking this blurb like crazy but can someone actually help me a little? I was told this community is great for advice and support but when I post you guys get alot less talkitive. I know it's kind of rude to request more straightforward for someone to reply, but I don't know a thing about dread progression. I know no one who has dreads or anyone who has ever had dreads. So this is all a walk in the dark.
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