July 13th, 2006

  • gryn

Youtube help?

Here is my first attempt at loading videos I've recently taken at the Oregon Country Fair full of dreads and hippies!

The replay quality sucks, and I don't know how to improve the videos to work well with Youtube. These are high quality videos, and I play them back on my computer at 640x480 resolution nicely, but Youtube resizes, and kills the quality.

Any suggestions on how to get better quality will be greatly appreciated.

Click on any of those images to see video.
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Woe accident. Anyone want a dreadlock?

I'm a dumbass. I managed to accidentally cut off one of my dreads right at the root while refreshing my undercut *unhappy face* It was one of my favourites too. Quite neat and tight. The tip was almost rounded. Now I'm down to 47 dreads. *fuss*
Instead of waiting for that little patch of hair to grow long enough so I can reattach it. I wondered if anyone would like it? I noticed people like to attach other people's dreads to their own, or just keep them in creepy little dread collections. (Just kidding on the creepy part XD)
I gots pictureeeesss of the fallen dread.
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  • toddek


I'm new here.
I'm Jimmy, 19 years from Amsterdam, Holland :)
and i joined this community because i'm after almost 2 years a bit bored with my dreads.
at first i wanted to cut them of but i couldn't do it....
now i want to dye them maybe but i cant choose between red or blue,
soo does anyone has some suggestions?

some pictures
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(no subject)

Still not completely finished, I've only done about half of my head. But it's ok because I only wear it up. They're quite short too :(
And I've decided that with my first paycheck I'm going to treat myself to some human hair.. to make dread extensions or extenders or whatever.

Yeah so they're about 1 month old. they usually look a bit better than this but whatever..
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hi, i'm new.

I've been wanting dreads for the past... 4 years. It's summer, i have no job, it's time.

Problem: i have side-sweep bangs. Not only that but the top layer of my hair is a lot shorter than the rest.

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So i decided to solve this problem by getting real hair extensions from Sally's or something so that the top dreads will be longer.

This solution created a new problem which is: How do i start off my dreads while trying to incorporate human fake hair?

should i just back comb it in and let it take it's course?
will braiding it in work, or is that not such a good idea?

Also, what could i put in my hair to help everything stay together? (besides wax, i never want to deal with that again if i can help it)
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Fresh start on a rainy day.

So, after scrubbing, rinsing, conditioning, finger brushing, and ripping I have my hair completely combed out and dreadless. Except for some greasy-ness due to left over wax. I think I'll wait for my hair to recover from now until late october or early november. Maybe a little longer if that's the way it works out. I'd like to dread before winter.
I appreciate all your help, even though I apologize for my pushy-ness, I was a little nervous. Want a few pictures of a rainbow? As a token of appreciation?

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