July 14th, 2006

New member, new dreads. Howdy

About 2 1/2 weeks ago.


How am I doing?
I feel like im getting somwhere but still pretty messy. Chucked the wax out and tried twisting and pulling the hair towards the root. dreadheadhq.com was not alot of help. this group sure is though. :)

dread disaster

Alright so, I'm new here and my name is Kayla, and forgive me if I sound like a complete idiot, but I thought there was NO way to screw up the dreading process but Im pretty sure I did somewhere in between backcoming, and waxing.

About 3 weeks ago, I started knotting the back of my hair to kind of ease myself into it, test the waters you know, and for about two weeks, after backcoming each day and waxing, they still hadnt really knotted up at all as well as they kept trying to separate on me, I was able to wash them completely out in about 5-10 minutes.

I'm wondering if somewhere in there, I did do something wrong, or I just wasnt patient enough. I've got really thin hair, and it's about shoulder length. I'm also thinking about waiting untill it's longer, maybe about 6 more inches. I read on knottyboy that you should have atleast 3 inches of hair and I've already got about 6 but I dont think it was working for me. Possibly I made them too fat, I dont know, but I would like to have dreads in the future, and I was wondering if I could gat any experienced advice.

Thanks SO much in advance!
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ok, so i know this is my second post in two days but this has been really bugging me.
I've read in the memories but I haven't found anything about a partner being verbally abusive about dreadlocks.

well my bf hates them, like REALLY hates them. He says he misses stroking my hair. He said i'm not the person he fell in love with and i've turned into bob marley. That they feel like rat tails. So basically lots of comments about how only black people should have dreads and that if he were black he would be offended by me.
he won't even hug me anymore because he says it feels horrible.
it really upsets me though, because i've wanted dreads for ages and i don't know what to say to him. i know that in a minute i'm going to loose it and lash out at him. i know that he'll get used to them but he's being really mean.

please help :(
giraffe girl


to set the scene: I work in a gov't Office in Barrie, ON. Canada!

I was helping this lovely gentleman and in return he gave me some traditional tips for dreadlocks from the caribbean.
-"back in the day" (his words not mine!!) large sections of Aloe Vera plants were used to wash dreads. The skin would be peeled off and then the "stuff" from inside it would be mushed and used like a shampoo.

Has anyone ever tried this? I would first think that it would be sticky..but it sounds amazing. ultra natural.

i thought he was just SWELL!
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