July 16th, 2006

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So July 19th will be 3 years since I started my dreads.. so I'm going to try and put a timeline together tomorrow or Monday since I'm off work. I don't have many pictures from the beginning but I'll do my best! :)

Just for good measure here's a picture I just took...

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back from les claypool

this may be an unnecessary question, but please indulge my curiosity. my hair is knotting up pretty tightly and well at the ends of a lot of my dreads about an inch - inch and a half of the way up. is this okay, since the knotted hairs at the end won't provide the movement necessary to lock the root?

sorry if this is sort of incoherent, in any case. thanks, though.
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New member here. Thought I may introduce myself and maybe even put a few thoughts of mine out on the table. Well, my name is Melissa Dill. Residing in Alabama actually....yada yada yada...bunch of stuff you could care less about and um I find right about now the prime time to start thinking about dreading my hair. The sides of my head are an inch or two long, and I plan on keeping them that way seeing as growing them out would take quite some time. The hair on the top of my head is a good five inches long. I'm thinking right about now wouldn't be a good time to start dreading. I doubt it would look terribly wonderful. So, I'm thinking I grow it out for half a year or so and then try it. First off, I would love to know what your input on that is.

Second, what shampoos are recommended to dry hair out? My hair is thick and full of build-up which is most likely from conditioner and dye products.

I'm sorry I don't have any recent pictures; I've misplaced my USB cable and am working on tearing my house apart to find it.

I'd like to say thank you in advance for your help.

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in reference to this post, we clearly have a lot of us here, mostly on the east side, and we've never met up before. so i'm willing to take charge and plan this, if everyone wants.

i'm thinking ann arbor sounds good, it's a neat city and it's west enough that people from the west side (read: me!) only have to drive less than 2 hours.

so who would be interested, and when would work best for you?
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all the little parting between my dreads keep gettin sunburnt, has anyone else had this problem and/or has anyone any ideas of how to stop it? any suggestions much appreciated, thanks!

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i started the process about a week ago, and i've finally been able to take pictures. i don't know if i'm being hyper-sensitive, but they sort of look bad to me. in the first picture, the top of my hair isn't dreading at all, which is fine, but as you can see there's some extra hair that's kind of popping up and i don't think there's any way to make it go away. also, random hairs are sticking to the dreads i've started. that will probably go away if i keep palm-rolling the dreaded parts, leaving out the stray hairs, yes? would buying some dread beads help with that, too?

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i've pretty much been using the neglect method - after back-combing and palm-rolling, - although every few days i palm-roll for a bit just to help the process go a bit faster. as you can probably see in the pictures, most of my hair is not dreaded - i think i have a total of maybe 7 dreads. a lot of my hair will not cooperate because it is too smooth (the dreaded parts are my damaged hair. i don't mind it taking longer, so maybe i should just neglect those parts while focusing on developing the dreads i DO have, until they are damaged enough to work? or would it be better to hardcore back-comb them until they dread easily (the damaged parts stayed dreaded after maybe 30-45 minutes of rolling)?

i'm sorry if that was too many questions. i am just very in-the-dark here and the memories didn't really answer my specific concerns.
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Hola dread amigos :o)
I never post some pics of me but i always look on the beautiful people here in this community.
so I thought I should show some images again.

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I wanted to ask if somebody else in this community is painting. 
I like art and my favourite is oil painting. here are some of my works

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ok maybe this is just me being weird but i found my some what look alike at the ccr concert this past weekend.
here you go
so what do you think am i right or no?
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