July 17th, 2006

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got a delima

i dyed my hair on the weekend and its turned out really dark... dark brown with reddish tinge....
what should i do to make it red again.... will red dye go over the top????

whadup beetches

YAY! i get to help dread my bestest friend-at-the-moment's hair!! im pretty damn excited, being that this is the third time ive made efforts to dreadhead-ify someone. but this is serious business lemme tell ya.

reena and i work together at

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, see?

the whole excitement/anticipation thing got me all inspired to post some pics. yup. pics. 

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oh. and naomi harris has become one of my new favourite actresses for two reasons: 28 days later and

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ps..... drop down and getcha eagle on girl 

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on the edge

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Well... here it is!

My dread time line from 07/21/03 to 07/17/06
The pictures are few and far between until November/December of 2005...and man have we been through A LOT the past 3 years!


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I had the bottom of my hair dreaded about a month ago, and the kid that did it for me moved. I just finished my whole head by myself so my arms are hurting, and their still pretty loose.
I was wondering if there is anyone close to the downriver area in michigan that could possibly help me out?

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I very rarely do this!

I just wanted to say that I'm really glad that non-dreaded people can still be welcome in this community, it really makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I've had dreads twice, brushed them out both times - and am growing out my hair to dread one final time, permanently. If anyone in TO is looking for a professional dread stylist, "dreadmaster drew" is the man to go to. One of my co-workers goes to him, and has had his dreads for about 10 years. I've seen his work in person, and I'm definitely going to him for my third and final set. http://www.dreadmaster.com

Also, if you live in toronto, you should click on the read me for a show I'm in!
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