July 19th, 2006

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I've been lurking in this community for awhile now and haven't really had a reason to post until now. My dreads are between 2 weeks and 2 months old (took me that long to do them since I'm so lazy) and they are poofy as hell. I know this is completely normal, but it still irks me* sometimes to see people start off with really long, unpoofy dreads. Some of my dreads are actually HALF the length of my hair before it was dreaded. Could there perhaps be such a thing as TOO MUCH backcombing? When I did them, they basically looked like big poofy balls of hair. I've been palmrolling like crazy every day, and although it's gone down a little, they're still poofy as hell. I'm also kinda worried that, because I backcombed so much, when my hair does start to grow out, the length of hair that was originally backcombed will be much fatter than the rest of the dread (I think someone actually posted about that earlier before trimming her hair).
Also, does there ever come a point where you don't have to palmroll everyday? How often do some of you with +years dreads palm-roll? My arms are started to get tired, dammit. :P
And yes, I know that everyone's hair is different and people have different preferences. I'm just curious as to what you guys think of my situation. Thanks so much. Pictures will come when there's less poof. :)

*EDIT - By "irks me" I mean, "makes me really envious."
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Attempt number two...

So I am attemting to dread my hair for the second time, I tried to back in march but that failed miserably... a month and a half of hard work down the drain, oh well. So I have let my hair grow out and get healthy again....
I whent to a Bob Weir and Ratdog concert in mass on Saterday night, and it ended up turning into a Grateful Dead concert, which was awsome, and of corse there were dreadlocks as far as the eye could see. It made me want them back again, soooo... here I am, newly formed dreads. I was useing some crap dread wax that I used last time and got from Rite Aid, but it was so sticky and gross. So yesterday I swiched to Knotty Boy, which I have heard is the best [plus it smells really nice!]
Here's a pic....
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Let me first say thank you to everyone who answered my last post. As always, you were very helpful. :)

Here are some pics I just took (minus the first, of course). Sorry for the little bit of lopsidedness. I just woke up.
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As you can see from the second pic, I actually lost more than 50% of my length in some dreads. But after taking these pics and really being able to see the back, I'm started to think I'm stressing about it way too much.
Another question I just thought of.. will cutting off the long, undreaded hair at the ends hinder locking the ends up?
Last question, I promise. This is probably a really stupid question, but are any of you near Rapid City, SD? I'm not looking to pay for anyone to travel to work on my dreads or anything. Maybe just a palm-rolling buddy to take turns getting those dreads in the back. And hang out, of course. :)
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a long darn time ago, someone asked about dreads & pets. there was a huge response, but i didnt have anything to contribute because i didnt have any handy dandy photos of my kickass little buddy, robert william.
but now friends...?
now i'd like to make an introduction to one of the coolest damn turtles you'll ever meet. (click on the photo if you want video ;))

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jw, is there anyone in jersey that can fix up dreads?

or can anyone offer advice on fixing up loose locks.

Should I backcomb some of the loose locks again? or just leave them.
The loose ones are mostly in the front.

Swimming and dreadies

Hi friends,

It being summer, I've been spending a lot of time in the pool and ocean... like every day. Any advice for keeping my sad sad dreads a little happier? They're just sort of spazzing out and getting frizzy. I am hesitant to wash them every day but that might be the only answer. Are there conditioners that are good for fledgling dreads?


There have been a few people asking about loops lately, so I thought I'd make a little post about what I've done with my loops.

Now, I'd like to say VERY FIRST that I did not do this to all my loops, only a few; it is important to leave loops alone to be sucked into your dreads! Loops are a good sign that your dreads are tightening up, and if you leave them alone, they will disapear before your very eyes.

That being said, there are occasional stubborn loops that never leave. I had some loops that had been with me for over a year, and I decided to "sew" my dreads through the holes. Some people don't think that this is "real dreads" because there is a peice of "undreaded" hair in my set. I say to hell with that! My dreads are mine, and I like to do what I want with my hair, and I love that every dread of mine has its own personality and textures that are different from every other dread.

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