July 21st, 2006



i'm really glad i found this community!
i decided to dread in nov, and stopped brushing my hair. after new years i got to work, braiding, then backcombing. i used a little wax to hold them in place (now from reading stuff on here, i know its better not to).  i started underneath my hair, and i had about 13 going. i was working on them all the time, rubbing, twisting, knotting, pulling, and i thought they were going pretty well, although slowly.
well then i got lazy and didnt work on them for a while. slowly, they became less, and then as i would feel on them, knots would come off, like hairballs. so this is 7 months after i started, and now i have nothing, they just all came out! is my hair against dreads?? i have very thick hair (lots and lots of hair, and the strands are thick). did i not work hard enough? was it because i left them alone too long? now i have to start all over. is it better to do a little at a time, or whole head going at once?
sorry for all the questions, i had almost given up on it, but seeing you guys' pictures and stuff, my heart fills with hope for dreads!
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I just washed my dreads this morning and found a 5p coin in my hair... which was rather odd.

Has anyone here ever found anything like that in their hair?
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Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a while. You probably don't remember me. Lately I absolutely hate my dreads. For one thing, I've been washing them pretty frequently, which I never used to do because I was a lazy dirty liberal arts college student and didn't have to be clean or "presentable." But they are SO DRY now and while they don't smell like smoke or dirty hair anymore, they're just not as attractive. They've shrunk a lot and the ends aren't round anymore and I don't like the texture at all. It's a bad hair day every day and you know what that does for body image.

Also, I'm going through a pretty big transition in my life, just got out of a 1yr9months relationship and moved back home to DC, where people are generally less accepting of looking different than my little hippie college or in Portland, where I was living earlier this summer. I feel like I stand out a lot more and not in a good way. I also feel like in order to accomplish my career goals, especially in this town, they're incredibly detrimental. Not to mention worrying about whether anyone new I meet will be attracted to me... I haven't had a low like this regarding my dreads in a long time (I've had them for 3 years now) and this time I don't know what to do about it.

I'd appreciate advice, and maybe pictures of post-dreads haircuts?

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so, i think i'm going to do a pretty big dye project on my dreads.
well, i guess not that big, but i'll be doing a bunch of different colors.
my plan is to do a rainbow on the underlayer of my dreads.
i can't decided whether i'm going to bleach the top layer, probably not though.
but, can anyone suggest a series of colors from a good hair dye company (ive been looking at special effects)
or a few colors to buy, and instructions to mix them to make a good rainbow?
let me know.
and, talking me out of it won't work.
give me hints and warning and bad experiences, but don't talk me out of it.

also, if you're in maine, and have alot of experience dying, i'd like some help!


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Just a quick question:

Does lemon juice go bad?

I mixed fresh lemon juice with water and put it in a spray bottle and it's been around for a few days... is it still good to use?

If it is, when wont it be anymore?
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