July 25th, 2006

summer pictures.

my friends and i were bored tonight, so we tried to blow bubbles. who knows the ratio of soap to glycerin? only a few managed to break out of the wands and actually become bubbles, and the others popped when they were too big inside.

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My dreads are going to be a year old in a couple of weeks. As a birthday present I'm dying them brown (Collapse )) so I can give them a little dye break. Man this year has gone by quickly! I'm going to post a timeline on the birthday post because I'm lazy now.

cleaning (not washing) dreads?

hey guys n gals -
i figured this would be the best ever place to ask this:
my dreads are a little bit over a year old; i swim a lot (am a lifeguard, so getting in the pool is pretty much an every-day occurrence). i try to rinse my dreadies out before or after swimming, but still, they are seemingly coated in chlorine (and hair dye, and other random chemicals that make them stiff and wayyy too hard to feel normal)... i was wondering - what (if anything specific) could i use to get chemicals and shit out of dreads? i use dr. bronners to wash them once every couple weeks or so, but...
yah! thanks in advance for any suggestions you may offer.
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