July 26th, 2006

Trent and Kay


i'm new.

everyone in here is SO BEAUTIFUL. it warms my heart so much! i'd give you all hugs, if i could.

okay, BASICALLY, this is three-fold.

one, i wanted to say hi. check.

two, i have a question about wax. i looked in the memories and it doesn't seem to be addressed...but i want to know if anybody knows of a very effective way to get rid of excess wax. one of my little dreadies in the back is smothered. : (
i was thinking of just soaking my dreads in hot hot hot water...? i have dax2 shampoo (designed to remove pomade- and it works pretty well)..but it's not water-based, i think, so it won't wash out from my hair well. it prolly wouldn't grab most of the wax anyways since it's wax instead of petroleum-based. so! suggestions? (p.s. i don't wax my hair anymore, it's left over from the person who gave me dreads)

three! i not only love my dreads, i LOVE GIVING THEM! i live in hatfield, pa- about 45 mins. from philly. so if you've been wanting dreads for a while and are near the philly area (this includes you, lurkers!), i'd LOVE to get you started! the only payment i'll accept is you rolling some of the dreads in the back of my head. it's hard for me to reach back there. and it'll give you practice. : )

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i love you all;

peace, truth, Love.
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some dreadupdates!

Shannon's (hippiefaith) dreads @ about 8 months, wrapped up haphazardly
and looking freakin accidentally snazzy (one of the best things about dreads, no? ;))

and then, when i said i was magic with a hook? yeh yeh yeh!

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*** this post isn't MEANT to encourage you to mess with loops on baby locks. just know that if loops dont eat themselves, and they're mature enough, you can fix any them - or any other irregularities that bother you! they're your art! they're your HEAD! but first and foremost, let them do their own thing. then, afterwards, if they still need some lovin? know that there's nothing that CAN'T be done. :)

but i miss you most of all, my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall...

Soon, I will be selling my desktop because I'll be leaving to go abroad fairly soon for the fall semester (i'm going to buy a laptop when I get back).
I'm heading to the dominican republic, which I'm incredibly excited about.. I can't wait to live somewhere other than the U.S. one of my goals in life is to become an ex-pat eventually haha
Anyway, the reason i mentioned selling my computer is that I'm going to make a very image heavy post, because it's probably the last time i'll post for about 5 months.
So, i both wanted to remind you all what my dreads looked like, and also ask is anyone has had any experiences in the DR, with dreads or without. I've been told that I'll get made fun of for my hair, but nothing serious.

at any rate, here is the wicked picture heavy portion of my post... lots of different shots....
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(in case anyone is wondering, my dreads will be 19 months in a few days)
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for those of you who think dreadlocks have to be messy from day one, here's just another exploration into (my world of) rip and twist:

my hair at:
just finished
one month
three months
5.5 months

...just to give you an idea :) i'd responded to a comment in my journal with these links, and thought you might all enjoy them as well. yes, they look different than backcoming. but hey, all dreads look different. it all depends on how you want them at first, how you want them in the middle, and howyou want them eventually. i've never had anything but love for my locks. :)

my head was my first r&t "Experiment" - since then i've put a few on natalie (instead of sewing her frizzies, i gave her Babies) and my friend melanie, and i've learned that they can be done to look completely non-braidy. it's all in the touch ;)
cheers, kids!


wool vs. synth

it's the dreaded (pun intended) question about adding fake hair to dreads.

i'll be heading out to my annual "vacation in the desert" this year, and want to add some temporary legnth to my hair for the occasion.

last year i went with 2/3 of a head of synthetic dreads.

they were cumbersome, very heavy and hot, and got in the way far too much.

i'm looking for an alternative to using synth.

has anyone any experience with wool extensions?

i hear they are much lighter than synth dreads, which is a tremendous +++ in my book.

my only question, are they HOTTER than synth dreads? of course, one would assume yes, but i don't like making assumptions, i want facts from people who have tried it.

also, i only want to cover about 1/4 of my head with extenders, leaving the front and the sides alone. this should free up bulkiness as well.

essentially, i just don't want to have what feels like 10 lbs. of hot, dusty plastic on my head at the end of the week.

pluses? minuses?

and just so this isn't all text, here's a picture from Collapse )

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as a birthday present, two friends felted wool spirals into my hair!!!

felting wool is a crafting method, where one uses unspun wool and stabs it with a small, barbed needle. this causes the fibers to tighten and attach to one another. so the wool is attached to my dreads for good, and won't come out when i wash them.
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Coloring Dreads........

Hello everyone!

I've been reading the post but this is my first time posting.

Here's my question:  Should I dye my hair before or after I dread my hair?

I read through the memories and didn't really see a response to this question. I don't know which would be safer for my hair and or easier to do.  Also. My hair is not exactaly black but not exactly brown and It has the remnites of blond hair color that I splattered around in my hair (ghetto highlights) in it from a year ago. (that part is about four inches away from my scalp)  I would like my hair color to be like my synthic dreads now; a mix of blond, brown and white.  Should I just  put the hair in sections and dye each the color I want?  Will I need to bleach my hair to get the white color? Will I need to bleach my hair to get a true blond color into it?  (darn. I just realized I'll be losing my white and brown swirl!)  As far as the process, I am gonna twist my hair instead of back combing using almond oil and coconut oil.  I'm hoping it turns out good!  Thanks for any help you can offer.  

Also...is it better to back comb than to twist?  I'm assuming a back comb would make it a little frizzier.  Twisting would make it neater.

Eric :3

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My dreadies! They're forming! I officially started backcoming them on 7.20.06, and I work a lot so I backcombed my hair over a span of a couple days. But I never finished the very top of my head. When I was going to go work on the little bit of hair I had left, it had pretty much been dreading on its own. And I didnt really back comb them too tight, and thats okay. So for the most part, I'm letting them do their thing. Wax free, too!

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I was doing a little searching for cool dread pics and came across this picture on the dread_ru community. Isn't it amazing?! Sorry I can't credit whoever took it cause I'm not quite sure : ) *Edit: someone found out who the amazing artist is and his name is Luke Brown. His site is Spectraleyes.

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1 dread?

i'm considering creating ONE single dread on the left side of my head.
opinions on this?
i miss my locks a lot, i think about them frequently, wondering how fab they would've been by now. god i was such a fool, who took them out :( i'm not patient enough to re-do them, besides i don't think they'll we liked at my new school, i applied for this dancing school. and i got in, and i'm moving out in 20 days. (yep, i'm fifteen years old). i want to pierce my lip, snakebite too, but i have to ask the school first :S
confusing, eyh?

opinions please ♥