July 28th, 2006


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so after my last entry yesterday, I got many responses of "is your hair just twisted?" I took better pictures since we've back combed and tightened them more, and they don't look twisted anymore. The baby baby dread is a little twisted, but that's our little experiment. :) I'm not using anything but a metal comb and a few rubberbands... no knottyboy dread accelerator, or seasalt spray (which I think is the same anyway..) or wax or anything.

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at work, but thought i'd write

i don't write in here very often. most of you won't recognize my username. but i've been thinking a lot about my lifestyle, and how my dreadlocks complement or detract from it.

i live in fargo, n.d. you probably think of the movie, of william h. macy's stuttering accent, of snow and blizzards, of barren land. it's not entirely accurate; the weather here is actually quite nice. i've only heard a handful of people speak with that accent- and 'round these parts, we call it a minnesotan accent. but think bible belt, think conservatism, think church on every block: that's fargo. i can't lie about that. and i work at the newspaper, as an obituary/catch-all clerk. our newspaper is widely known for its republican values. i am the only pierced, dreaded person at work.

they think i'm an intern. they think i don't understand page design and the AP stylebook. i've heard them whispering in the bathroom. i get jokey stories because they think it's funny to have the dreaded girl cover fiddling contests and shooting competitions. political figures in the area (yes, we have those!) don't take me seriously even if i have a reporter's notebook in my hand. and it's all because of how i wear my hair.

at first it was infuriating. i wanted to take each editor aside, explain to them that i am clean and professional, that i have integrity and respect for them, that i deserve the same. i want to shake my fist at the politicians, and say that i do not think less of them because of their comb-over or balding heads. i want to write letters to the editors- my editors- about how i am a human being and i am tired of being shit on because they aren't accustomed to people wearing their heart on their head. (i do that, you know, i think we all do. we are brave and smart and talented. we are passionate about politics, culture and sustaining relationships. we love through our dreads, we open our arms and engulf the world through the symbolism and history of having dreadlocks.)

anyway, i'm writing here to tell you that, despite people's preconceived notions of what dreadlocks make us become, we're happy and proud and fulfilled. we won't let our co-workers or the people we pass on the street roll their eyes and stomp over us. we were wise before we changed our hairstyles, but we're wiser now. and it shows.

here's my hokey press pass for the newspaper. look how confident i am. i'm smiling for all of us.