July 31st, 2006


Ok, so after everyone's comments I finally decided dreads were important enough to me that I want to do them even if I can't control them. One question I do have though is that my hair is currently an undercut, shaved up pretty high. The top layer of my hair is about 7 inches long, and the undercut is grown in to about an inch or inch and a half. I'm going to wait a bit before I start dreads because I know they'll shrink and I don't really want little nubby dreads right now. So I'm going to wait a few months till my hair is a little longer.

My question is should I just go ahead and dread my top layer once it's the length I want it? Or should I wait for all my hair to be even again. Because if I do that it means I'm going to have to wait a year or so. I ask because it's one thing to have dreads on top of an undercut shaved to the scalp, but if I have dreads on top and like 4 inch long hair underneath as it's growing in, won't that be very messy and confusing? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Maybe I should just give it a whirl. I wonder if there's anyone around here that could help me start em. I live in the rochester, ny area and I remember at least one person mentioning they lived around here. Not like i'm doing anything today anyway. I have a comb and bands and stuff, I just can't section my hair very well. Anyone wanna help? ^_^

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hey guys! sorry i dont post here much, its been all busy busy like!

just wondering if anyones livng in edinbrugh right now, im trying to get up to the festival and will trade dread maintenance for a bed/floor/room to put a tent up like.

sorry if this post is totally inappropiate, but just thought id try! if so mail me at whitetrashfairy at lycos . co .uk

and for the measure, (if i can make this damn tag things work...)

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